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Looking for an active clan


Hey im looking for poeple to play with that are active. I just started playing this game and i am willing to play even more. I dont care about geting any armor i just want to play with active poeple.
Just started playing this game again*
Hey Moon, I'm a part of XGN. We are a very chill, friendly, and most importantly, active bunch of guys/gals. The clan as a whole is massive, 12,000 something members across a ton of different games on a bunch of different platforms. Our Halo division is quite small tho at the moment with just over 100+ people. However those 100 something members are all, as I said, very active, so there is almost always something going on. Whether it's Warzone, Customs, Arena or just chilling we have lobbies of nice people! We do a fair amount of fun events, like Warzone Wednesdays, Gamenights, Tournaments, our forge team, and now just revamping our competitive teams.

Anyways, I'm just rambling at this point, if you'd like to meet up on Xbox and chat a bit. I would be able to answer any questions, comments or concerns you might have! Definitely feel free to shoot me a friend request and hmu! Hope to talk soon man!
Sea AnEnemies is actively recruiting any and all Spartans looking for a company. We don't have any ridiculous requirements and we accept competitive and casual gamers alike.
You are welcome to join us in Master Chief Saviors. We play Warzone, Arena, and Customs. There are no requirements to join, we play to have fun. If interested, message me.
looking for a Spartan company to join. Want the Achilles armor and helmet. lookin for a chill group that play a good amount.