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Looking for an active Company

OP Postmasta

Any Spartan companies out there looking for new members? I play for fun mostly and my previous company hasn't been active in like over a year and I'm ready to get back into the thick of it. Please respond on message me here or on Xbox GT: Postmasta.

I need to get back into the fight!
The 3 Barren Kingdoms is still looking for new members! We play for fun and most of us are casual. Me and TheGreenDemon43 play often on Xbox, so you can send us a message on xbox or send me a message on this site. <---Legacy..... HEY, We are starting a new Competitive minded HALO ONLY Server for anyone to join! its an open server so people can join and leave as they please. We do have tournaments and leagues here (50$ 1v1 coming up and a 500$ League also coming up) please join and check it out and tell your friends! Help us bring back the Halo GLORY DAYS!

Or if you are looking for something that requires a little more dedication come check out mg eclipse. this is a more serious community. all members are active every single month and we have gamenights every day, bigger tournaments and leagues, giveaways... but like i said mge take more dedication to be allowed in compared to our open server.
Hello postmasta,

if you still need a spartan company, I’ve got you covered.

Warlord Company is now active, and currently recruiting!
if you would like to join, either send or notify the leadership for a request to join, or you can ask me for a invitation.

have a nice day!

leadership: TheRougeWarlord

my user: VexedShadow8