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Looking for German Halo Gamers

OP y0n4z

Hey there I'm looking for some German Halo Games for Customs as long as the matchmaking doesn't work.
My Gamertag: y0n4z
Just write a message when you're interested.
Hey, I'm also looking for German players and there is enough time to team up until the MCC is working online. ;)

I'm not the best player so don't add me if you search for players with abitions. I just want to have fun with my hobby, with coop campaign and multiplayer matches (doesn't matter).
First I have to excuse myself because I will be shy to talk to people I don't know yet, but I hope you can understand this problem. (Never write in a forum to find players)

Attention: Sometimes I will be very sarcastic and ironic (against my opponent, team and myself)!

So if someone will add me to play online together (only sometimes on weekend or holidays because I don't have enough time to play more often) you can add me and write me a message if you want to play!

My Gamertag: remmosch

PS.: @y0n4z if you are interested you can add me to and I hope it is also in your interests that I also write here to get more people in this forum!

Good evening and sorry for the bad English!
i will add u both later ;)...i´m from germany aswell
feel free to me add me guys. Still looking for european players especially german-speaking guys.

gt: aykibaby

im posting here because i want to refresh this thread!!!

I´m also from Germany and looking for some casual halo 5 players...