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Looking for halo players/friends

OP Jski9050

So i am looking for halo players that would like to add me and participate in game nights or playing multiplayer. Whether it be competitive customs or mini games/infection. Or even full fireteams that play warzone and core alot. Im just looking for an age range over 14 please as im 18 and dont want to deal with really young kids. Add me Jski9050 interested im looking to just have alot of fun.
At the Knights of Valhalla we don't care about your rank and we don't care about your skill. We are recruiting players who can work as a team. We pride ourselves on working together and having the best team coordination and communication. We are a serious and disciplined clan and are recruiting likewise members. For more information and enlistment into this clan go to our website located below and contact a recruitment official on Xbox Live, also located below. Note that we are not a competitive clan.

Recruitment Official: Wolf Bane P90
Hello Jski!

I'm a part of the PMS|H2O Clan, our mission is to provide a fun, safe and positive environment, as well as a mature one! We game daily and have community game nights & events! We're currently recruiting all gamers; casual or competitive, we have stuff for everyone! To begin recruiting, we ask that you register on our website: and from there find the "Want to Join Us" Subforum, click on Xbox Divisions, then click on Halo, and from there you post an application. We are a community based clan, therefore recruits are not hand picked or chosen, we just ask that you play with us at least 4 hours a week to remain a member. Not too shabby eh?

Check us out!

~Ovaryacting PMS~
PMS|H2O Xbox General
Shot u a message on XBL
Hi I am new to halo(last one I played was 3 when it came out) I’m looking to meet some new people to play with on Xbox 360 help a girl out please......
Hey! Would love for you to checkout our clan. MG Eclipse. We are a top tier, premium clan full of great opportunities. We have people from silver to champion caliber and have a couple Competitive teams, we have clan tournaments every month and giveaways of all sizes (even Xbox One X giveaway!) We have game nights all through the week from super sweaty to very casual depending on the day. never go a day without a fireteam. Check us out at any questions? Feel free to ask!
Hey, I'm new... So If would like yo play with more people, add me