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Looking for pc mcc clan casual/competitive

OP HerculesR3kt

I play in the morning before work and usually my days off
I play in the morning before work and usually my days off

The Office of Naval Intelligence is recruiting for PC/STEAM Add me my Steam friend code is 251813663 & Gamer tag the same as username.
Hey! Echelon is a casual/regular clan with a hardcore competitive team for those that are interested. No ranks or mandatory armour or emblems. Our main goal is just to have fun and enjoy the game together.
Howdy HerculesR3kt

I am Darth Baum from the Sith Remnant! I was reading your post and you might be interested in joining the Sith Remnant. We are looking to form groups and teams to play social and ranked matches on Xbox and PC Halo MCC. We are fairly well established group on most games and now we are trying to find more people to play Halo with so our gamenights and other activities can be even more fun. The more people usually means the more fun. Of course its not all about numbers I like to feel like we strive to make everyone enjoy their time playing with us in the Sith Remnant.

If you have questions you can message me at anytime but the best way to learn more or contact me would be to check out our Discord server at I hope to hear from you soon and see you starside!

Very respectfully,

Emperor Darth Baum
Sith Remnant, Dark Lord of the Sith