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Looking for people to play halo 5 with.

OP HoH Saber

I am looking for people to play arena. ranked,social and even warzone with. I am ok with callouts but not the best. I'm always willing to learn if someone is interested and wants to play hit me up my gt is my name or you can message me here. Also not to big of a fan of breakout but I can play it.
Playing the game for fun.
We have many great people who you could game with!!
Come check us out at ~~~> MG Eclipse <~~~
We are highly active and rarely go a night without a full fireteam....we have people from champ to silver.....on the plus we also have great giveaways like xbox one elite controllers and even an Xbox One X giveaway in December!!! We also have small 40 -100 dollar tournaments every month and bigger ones worth several hundred dollars every 3 months.....if it looks like something you wanna be apart of follow the link in our bio at MG Eclipse!
What you're looking for is the exact game plan for my Spartan Company. Add me on Xbox and I'll be sure to include you in anything me and my friend does :). I could Send you a company invite if you'd like! Just let me know!
I'm not looking for another Spartan company to join I'm already in one and I can't leave them there like family but I am trying to find people to play arena and other game modes with on halo 5