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Looking for team or clan!

OP lOl Kronos lOl

I'm mainly looking for one that does game nights or fun customs but I don't mind playing MM too! Tired of playing with randoms.
S O Q D matchmaking clan msg me to join MEAN BEAN1254
Hey there,

Not sure if you're interested in joining a group or not, so I thought I'd post this anyways. I'm a member of Midland Base, and we're a Halo gaming community (also soon to support Destiny) that revolves around having fun and enjoying the game the way it was meant to be played. All of our members are highly respectful of each other, and we're home to both skilled players as well as less skilled players. We have our own forums, and gamenight three times a week over two days. We don't require any change of gamertag or emblem (although many of us choose to use the same emblem). We have our own Grifball team that plays in the GGL league (currently all slots are full though), and we have recently been doing weekly Spartan Ops and Halo Reach and 4 campaign challenges. If this sounds good to you, check out at, or submit at application at Thanks.