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Looking to get Diamond

OP Amusing Plague

Alright guys I'm looking to get diamond in at least one of the ranked playlists. Its just so frustrating cause I always get Gold 6 and most of the time I play awesome, I just get matched with poor players. Like I think I had one rough game and I went 12 for 13 which isn't absolutely awful. Then I look at the score and see two people on my team who are 7 for 17 and 4 for 12. I mean come on. So if someone is willing to help me out in my endeavor that would be awesome. Hmu if you wanna join the fireteam/party.
You should join MG Eclipse Amusing. We have a LOT of good players that will help you get to platinum but be prepared to get sweaty. To join go to and go to the 'Join Us' Tab, You'll then need to fill out a form to join also, say lil Brit recruited you.