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OP BeHeroz

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Add me for Halo 3 customs

Superflyyy (the L is an i)
Hey see I was added to list but it's n4cr lol u put near hahha
GT: Senior funk active
hahahaha sorry its musta been autocorrect my bad n4cr!! I wil add u all to the list now and when i get on xbox i will add you all!
trying to keep this active anyone else i can add>?
You can add me I mostly play halo 2 classic/hardcore but am down to play anything really except for Halo 4.

GT: DarkFirefrenzy
GT -- Deedway

Plz Add Me Online EST 8-11
adding yall now sorry for the delay
lol im a little late but

gt: Rofl IPANDA ftw (its an i before panda)

keen as to jam
Add me for H2A customs and H2A custom content.
U still looking for people
Ready for anything. Im from the UK so hope I can play with people at a good time. GT:SyncLegacyX
Okay I will add you all to my list and on box! thanx and lets keep getting people.
I want in... Gt: xJiNgleHiemeRx
Inv me whenever if you have a custom lobby. Gt: S1I7
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