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Need a Company? Look no Further!

OP AssumedNoob

The Noobs of Achilles is calling all noobs!

We are a bunch of noobs who love us some Achilles, and want to help other noobs get it! If you aren't good enough to get in the elitist companies, or even simply aren't active enough because you actually have a life, you belong with us! There are no time requirements, no CSR requirements, and no SR requirements, either. If you can at least try to play Halo and enjoy it, come on in!
So get your tickets and hop aboard the hype train, because Halo 5's noobs are about to earn themselves the Achilles! Request now, and you will be accepted ASAP. You can also message AssumedNoob or AssumedNoble to join.

We also have ranks. Complete commendation levels to rank up! You can even track your commendation progress in-game, and target commendations you are close to completing a level on.
470 commendations
365 commendations
285 commendations
215 commendations
155 commendations
105 commendations
Warrant Officer
65 commendations
35 commendations
15 commendations
5 commendations
0 commendations
If you want a chill, laid-back company, The Noobs of Achilles is more than happy to accommodate you! Anyone who requests will be accepted in, no questions asked, until we max out! If you have questions, post here or message me at AssumedNoob.

Also, experienced players can apply for co-leadership positions alongside myself and AssumedNoble.
The Noobs of Achilles are looking for another Lieutenant and any players who want a chill, laid-back core of a company that can still have a competitive edge. We will accept anyone who wants to join, and are especially looking for people who are active at least once a week and have not yet earned their Achilles set.
Hay haven't earns Achilles yet would be mad to get it with you guys
Hey, everyone! The Noobs of Achilles now have 46 members, but we can still take 54 more! Everyone who joins will be invited to our Discord server. We are accepting any requests sent in, as long as you are not in another company, so shoot us a join request at the company page, and we'll add you right in!
Hey everyone, thanks to many, many join requests in the past week, The Noobs of Achilles is now at 99 members and counting. Thank you very much!
Jeez wish I had that luck I’m still 40 members short 😂 trying to finish this Achilles helmet up we have been stuck at 85% for a bit now 😱