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Need Help Creating a Forerunner Clan

OP The Nexus God

Hello everyone, I need 4 people to help me create a Forerunner based clan on Halo 5. It would be greatly appreciated if these candidates were leaders of some sort in the past, but if they aren't I can try and work something out. I don't need anyone to help me with Forerunner lore, because I have already designed a plan for the whole clan, I just need 4 people that fit the following descriptions to help lead. In this leadership position you will basically be commanding a whole branch, though remember, I need people to help recruit for this first. Anyways, here are the descriptions.

Leader 1
"A tactical combat oriented candidate that loves to play competitive halo, and that is good at it."

Leader 2
"A leader that is well versed in the creation of media posts and maintenance of media platforms."

Leader 3
"A leader that loves to forge maps and is exceptional at it. (The maps that will be requested to be built will be Forerunner themed raid bases."

Leader 4
"A un-biased very fair person that has a past of delivering punishment. (You will be required to judge the punishment of a member if they break a rule."

Now that you have the descriptions for the people I need, please contact me at my Xbox Live GT, and I can give you more information about the position.
NOTE: These descriptions are the very minimum aspects we are looking from people and they may require more skills than stated.
If you still need any help I can help out part time.
I wanna be in a forerunner clan