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New a Recon team before deadline ends?

OP ZombieSplatterX

This game is really struggle every time i do it at my own i get kill easier or something is not right anyway. I looking for a seriously rank player that been playing since recon event begins so, we still got 7 days left until so, i suggest you message this or otherwise i don't think we get a second chance in the future as if.
I’m happy to hop in and play, I hit rank 16 and it’s been a nightmare solo queuing. I’ll be on around 5pm CST.
ok but we still need other team let me hear you out first then i give you mine also, i don't have a mic the only way i can make it easier to hear you guys of the mic speaker so, for me to be aware of the surroundings.

Ps: i got a an idea just to be quick so, first let get this settle before "time is running out".
any one own a spartan company? If so id love to join.

the recon armor is one of the oldest armors to be selected as a customizable outfit for players when they are playing online. i play the mcc so I can back up my statement
ok what that suppose to do with the spartan company?