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NRI Halo 5 Clan

OP Zoltan Aknen

The NRI is a military based clan on H5. We have 50+ members and "NEED MORE!" We are highly disciplined within training duty hours. We do raids,Warzone,team tactical, and Competative. We are currently building up our 1st brigade then we will start facing other clans in the community. The 2nd brigade is already established within while also having member majority at this moment.

"Requirements to enlist"
- must have a mic
- be 14 or older
- willing to ware a uniform

Message HalcyonVel or HalcyonCeaser to join!
Are you guys still recruiting?
Join us
just now gets recruit hit months later jeez
Hm, so you guys recruit here too.
When can I be enlisted?