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On Another LeveL Recruiting! We're champs !

OP PisToL SparKiN

Title pretty much says it all. Looking for people to join. We only have 7 members right now 5 of us are champs and we're 9% done Achilles with just us. Looking for dedicated halo players to grind for the Achilles and also be apart of helping the clan grow into a small community . Not really to worried about your rank as long as you are dedicated and have a mic , we will help u get better . Once we fill up the clan we will be doing giveaways tournaments montages all types of stuff so join up while you can . Also if you are champion you will automatically become a lieutenant . Drop a comment here or message me on Xbox live @ PisToL SparKiN you can also message on twitter @pistolsparkin and I will receive it right away on my phone .
Hey PisTol,

I just sent you a message about a radical idea that could work out nicely.

-Pulse Optional