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OP Sonyu

Hey everyone! So I love halo so much I want to become a spartan myself. I am on a weight loss journey to become the spartan I know I am.
Last year my cat cat died and I blamed myself because I was living a sedentary life which meant I did not play with my cat enough to get him the exercise he needed to be healthy. After my cat died I started going to the gym, I was getting results but it was not consistent, lose a little, gain some, plateau. My nutrition sucked.
I was 400 lbs eating a 10,000 calorie diet, with no direction in my life I was giving up and I could feel my body giving up as well. As Chiefs luck would have it I stumbled into a nutrition club. I could not taste anything because I had a cold at the time, but they said it tastes amazing and it had all the micro and macro nutrients the body needs, I didn't care. But the stunningly beautiful girl that works there asked me if I'd come back tomorrow. So I came in the next day for a shake and the next day and the next day. One day I didn't go, I almost gave into the darkness again, like so many times before conceded and afraid, but that glimmer of hope brought me back in every single day since to have a shake. My foolish heart's longing to be loved saved me from destruction. It has been 112 days +10 hours since I got my nutrition on point, and I am now down 55 lbs! Weighing in at 343 lbs I can now run a 13 minute mile, bench 220lbs, sleep like a baby for 6 hours and do it again!
Now I want to share what I have learned and do with communities that I love. Please follow or friend on Facebook if you are in anyway curious. My name is Brian Spracklen and I am Spartan! Now I live it!
Well, I wouldn't say you're a Spartan. Until you come back and tell us you've undergone surgery for ceramic calcium ossification, neural dendtrite reconducting, and a bunch of other're not a Spartan yet.
An ODST maybe.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."