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Players for Legendary Spartan Ops


I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I guess it's sstill recruiting for a cause. I'm online right now, and the title is self explanatory!
If you're up for it, my gamertag is xRDAx xSEK3N

Lets go for it:)
Hey I'm interesed in helping you. But I would like to get the Spartan-Ops achievements while we are playing. Are you cool with that?
Sephia Ant add me. GT: Krunchyyyyyyyyy (9 y's)
Yeah, I'm up for doing them - I'm keen to get missions 2-15 done for the Raider DSTT armour.

I'm free a lot at the moment - usually can get online between 10pm and 4am GMT if that's any good - GT is Richard 060.
So when are we going to get together? Is it a one day thing, or we just meet and do spartan-ops on different days?