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Players needed for Community Squad

OP Solus Exsequor

"Hey would you be interested in joining a fun Halo community? Forerunner Conflict has been active for over 9 years and been host to over 500 active members! Message me if interested or visit"

I'm mid-creating a squad within Forunner Conflict, I'm looking for players who are willing to play on Sundays 6pm EST and play midweek in order to build up chemistry. I'm looking for coherent players who actually know how to work in a team and are good at the game.

I'm not normally one to post something like this but I thought I would give it a go, so thank you guys in advance!

my gamertag is: Solus Exsequor
Also, I forgot to mention that our set times that we normally play are 6PM EST on Sundays, we normally play a lot of matchmaking inbetween that.

Numbers are limited so I'm looking to get guys in quickly