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Recruiting Active Competitive Spartans

OP MarkassAurelius

Omega Black Two is the sister company of the established Omega Black company. We've recently went through some changes and are currently looking for active members willing to communicate and play with groups frequently. We're closing in fast on the Achilles Helmet and with increasing numbers the date is coming sooner and sooner.

A few simple requirements:
1. Be Mature, Active, and have knowledge of the game.
2. Active means you play either Arena or Warzone frequently. I don't put a specific time frame on when you should be active, but it should be no less than a couple hours a week.
3. Have a mic because we are a very communicative company. We play competitively in any game mode whether that's Arena or Warzone.
4. Be active in the forums once in a while
5. Have an SR over 40. This limits players who are just trying the game out and keeps the ones that are serious.
6. Send in an application!

How to Apply:
Send us a request with just some quick details about yourself, namely your Age, SR, and highest CSR. I'll do all the stat checks myself. All default messages will be immediately rejected out of respect for veterans within our company (Sorry). If you're already in a spartan company I'll send you a message if you are a fit for Omega Black Two to let you know.

Omega Black Two is looking for more active, mature, and competitive Spartans to join our community, squad up, and finish the chase for Achilles once and for all.

We are looking for active players willing to play in groups frequently. If you are it, send us an application!