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Recruiting Active Players for Omega Black Two

OP MarkassAurelius

Omega Black Two is very close to Achilles armor. But we need to fill the group and we could have it within a few short weeks.

We do have a few simple requirements:
1. We ask that you're active at least a couple hours a week. Now we're not going to police it strictly, but we do monitor every 14 days or so.
2. We want to be sure we have veterans in our company. Just a list of 3 of your favorite main line halo games is all we ask to prove your veteran status.
3. Be mature. We don't want name callers or put downs here. We're all here to make friends, teammates, and improve together.

We are an 18+ company but if you're putting up numbers and you're close, I don't see any problems with it.

Once were full, check back in a week or so and we may have a position open. We'll be considering everyone who meets the criteria listed above at a first come first serve basis.
You're welcome to recruit me.
I should clarify a couple things:
Please don't send the default message. If you do I'll have to go to your service record and manually check to see if you have the requirements. All I ask is in your application message just state your age (if you're under 18 explain what sets you apart), what you would like to be called whether that's your gamer tag, your service tag, or your name/nickname, 3 of your favorite Halo games, and your favorite halo 5 gametypes. Anyone with the default will be rejected from this point forward. But here's some good news, once you're in, if you're active at least a couple games a week, you're here to stay all the way up to the Achilles helmet with a close knit company. I check waypoint several times throughout the day so if you apply there is a good chance I'll see it within a couple hours or so.

Ill be posting in the company forums what we need for Achilles and updating it as we go.

Happy hunting, Spartans.
Still looking for a few more Spartans for our company. Looking for active players across all game types. We're chipping away at Achilles more and more everyday! Send me a message or find Omega Black Two to join
I have played mostly Halo 4 and Reach but picking up Halo 5 and would appreciate being added to your team. I'm not a pro by any means, but play fairly consistently when I can and I'm well over 18 lol.
Looking for 10 more highly active and friendly players for our company. We're full at the moment but if your stats are right I WILL make room. Shoot me a message if you have what it takes. If we feel you're a great fit I'll send you an invite. I'm active on waypoint multiple times throughout the day so I will definitely see your message. If you feel like maybe you're not the best halo player of all time, it's okay! Shoot me a message anyways. We can help you grow. That's what Omega Black Two is all about. Learning how to win together.
I'm a pretty big veteran Halo player if I may say so myself. I have all the achievements on every game, was a twice time Inheritor on Reach.
Omega Black Two is looking to fill spots for the Achilles Helmet. We are currently 76% complete, and Level 5 on most of them. We will be accepting anyone who is looking to help. Our requirements are pretty relaxed for now, just send an application or shoot me a message and that's it!
Is anyone else curious what happened to Omega Black One?
Is anyone else curious what happened to Omega Black One?
They filled up and created Omega Black Two lol
If you want, you can send me the invitation
You can invite me, this is my real account, the last one "SpookyMonsterYo" was steal for someone