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Recruiting for battle

OP HopeXwhal3r3490

Listen up Spartans, HOPE clan is now looking for more soldiers to join the front lines of battle. We are a small clan at the moment that has become active as of late. SR, competitive rank, and exp are not important for joining. A brain and headset for call outs is all we ask for. Just come and kill those pesky Blues (or Reds), Covenant parasites, or Promethian scum. We run comp/social arenas, and warzones. Most of the Spartans within the Clan are Platinum or higher and we are pushing for Onyx plus. Some of us are playing MCC as well and are pushing activities there. If any of this sounds like something that you would be interested in please message in game or here, Ignig84 or HopeXdeadly for invites or more info. Looking forward to joining you on the battlefield as we decimate our foes.
Hey man I'd be glad to join! I have a headset and MCC! Friend me on Xbox!