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Recruiting For Elite team

OP MilitarySpade

Anyone interested in being in an Elite Team(4-5) for a Competitive Elite Clan?
What i am Looking for:

-Basic Knowledge of Callouts

-Be Respectful to other Teammates

-Good Listener

-Be able to Take Criticism

-Good Shot

[This is a Elite Team for a Elite Clan]

We don't have have to be Elites for 100% of the Time
Just for Clan Activitys, Practice and meetings


The Main Goals





We will practice Everyday


-Clan Battles/Team Battles

If your looking to get Better.This is for you.

If your still Reading and are interested in Challenging your self.

Leave a Reply and i will get in contact with you(Leave GT)

Or if you just want to play me because you think im Trash:GT-MilitarySpade
This is a bit pointless as theres no elites in halo 4 multiplayer.

Or are you sticking to reach ? either way i am not interested just saying.
Good. Hope you enjoy it. And I hope you like reach :D

No elites in Halo 4 :D