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Recruiting for our Spartan company

OP F34RL3SS H410

Hello, my name is Fearless and really I would say I'm good at halo at times with a good team which has been lacking because of how small our Spartan company really is and I would like for our Spartan company to become big one day so we could actually have more people to play with in general and have a fun time overall with halo 5 and also unlock Achilles along the way. Also if we aren't going into a casual game of warzone or arena we chill-out by playing custom games or maybe a different game in general because we just enjoy games for the fun of them.So if interested send me a invitation to our Spartan company and tell us why you like halo 5 for anyway and I will try and accept invitations from people, plus you cannot be in another Spartan company already if your willing to join and also other big Spartan companies have some requirements to meet and we don't care about requirements we just want to hang out with new people and get a good laugh out of a round of custom games, if you want to add me as a friend on Xbox go right ahead thank you for your time if your reading this long paragraph :)