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🛡Soldiers of Liberty - Looking for new members!

OP SOL Knyght

Soldiers of Liberty
"We make our own fate"

Soldiers of Liberty is a growing, active community, with the sole intention of having fun. We don't boss people around, or enforce strict uniforms that everyone has to wear. There are no ranks to climb. We treat everyone equally. We host custom games almost every day. We help people do speed runs, complete different achievements, and help new players to get better at the game. We don't participate in role-playing. Our requirements for joining are relatively low, and we don't try and hold people against their will. You can leave at any time, and you are welcome to return whenever you want.

All you have to do to join is to apply to our spartan company here on Halo Waypoint. We will process your application as soon as we are able, usually within 24 hours. Feel free to message me here, or on discord if you have any questions.

  • Be at least sixteen years of age.
  • Be able to communicate in English.
  • Be a half decent player.
  • And most important of all, have a sense of humor.
Join us here:
Check out our new recruitment video:
We will start hosting a variety of old school custom games soon. Clan members will be given VIP access, which means that they won't have to queue for a spot. Please message me for more info!
Check out our Halo Bullshittery video, it's the first in a long line of videos to come. Please contact me if you want to take part!
The Soldiers of Liberty would like to wish the Halo community a happy new year! 🎆
Check out our second Halo Bullshittery video, and please contact me or Arithen if you want to play a couple of custom games with us!
Check out our latest recruitment video!
FYI. Our Discord server is open to anyone who is interested in joining our custom games, playing some matchmaking with us, or just hanging out.
Feel free to message me if you are the owner or a representative from another clan. We are always interested in collaborating with other clans.
We are currently helping new members get all of the Halo Reach achievements. Before Halo CE is released on PC. Please join our discord server if you have achievements that you need help with.