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Spartan Time

OP Zoikos

Currently in search of a Clan/SP. Not particularly the best at Halo so any that are unbiased of skill. Something to pass the time and enjoy the game. Please have active, helpful, and mature members. Feel free to pm me if you think I would be interested in your SP or have questions. Please make an attempt to be original and not use a prefabricated message to recruit.
Still looking...
Check out MG Eclipse! I have enjoyed being a part of the company for over a year now. At its core, MG Eclipse is about sharing a passion for halo with other gamers. Respect is number 1 for us. Non-toxic / positive attitude required!
We have a very active discord, frequent gamenights for our members to play together, and amazing giveaways and tournaments with real prize $$.
Our tournaments are really amazing, I've never seen tourneys done quite like MGE does them. We generally do a draft style where players of completely different skill levels will play together for the prize and the bragging rights! It's a lot of fun. We have players of all skills up to champ.
To join we ask applicants to fill out this form, you can also find a link at the MG Eclipse page:
I was once part of MG Eclipse and left because it was too competitive and clickish. When I was there mostly everyone was obsessed with trying to go to the pro leagues and nothing else unless they were getting stoned or drunk. I was avoided like the plague and rarely invited because of my lack of skill. Why would I want to go back to that?
Still not part of anything .
The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is also recruiting active, mature and ranging in skill.

I've been with them for the better part of the past 9 years. Treated as a co-founder because I merged my clan into them I can answer any specifics but to quickly summarize.

As the name gives away this is a military organized role-playing clan under the narrative of the fictitious Office of Naval Intelligence. We do things by the book and staffs centered around you and putting you through the experience you want. The ranking system is concrete, it is based on actual metrics and not favoritism. Most of us have been playing Halo for a very long time and we cater to PC Gaming too often holding events on other titles like Arma 3's OPTRE mod or Garry's Mod on top of our main console games.