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Spartans vs Elites?

OP Psychotic Trait

Looking to setup a SvE match soon across all Halo titles with playable elites. Looking to play on symmetric/asymmetric multiplayer maps & modes.

Halo 2: SMG & Plasma rifle starts

Halo 2A: due to the significant hitboxes between Spartans & Elites, all ranged only weapons will be excluded as we are playing on forge made maps specifically made for Spartans & Elites play (think Invasion style)

Halo 3: Covenant Carbine & BR starts. Also will play on maps specifically made for Spartans vs Elites play.

Why am I doing this you may ask? Well for numerous reasons. As a big fan of Invasion, I wanted to try to duplicate the same dynamic gameplay into a classic multiplayer Halo sandbox. Also, I want to try to create a campaign-ish or something along those lines. I want to try to gather all 16 players for the ‘ULTIMATE’ experience.

If interested, DM on Xbox so we can make this happen. (Bring friends as well)