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The Art of Warfare is now recruiting Spartans!!

OP Wilson6634

[TAW] The Art of Warfare [PC] - Enlist Today

The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a global gaming community that has Halo players for EU & NA regions. TAW formed in 2001 and currently fields 25+ games like War Thunder, Battlefield 5, League of Legends, and even Hearthstone. Today, over 1500 casual, competitive, and professional gamers call TAW their home.

Our Halo team focuses on:
Social and Competitive matches and scrimmages within Halo.
Casual community play
Developing communications and team skills
Having a good time with players that enjoy gaming as much as you

We're looking for players that simply want to play, or lead teams without being concerned with running a website, a voice server, or other administrative tasks. We especially want those who want to be an integral part of our success.

Interested? Join now by clicking here.
To be a member you need to:
Be a PC player
Be mature and accountable
Have a working microphone or headset.
Have TeamSpeak
Minimum age of 16 years
Commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week of team-play.

Our focus on accountability, teamwork, and communication is key to our past and current success. We are a diverse team that treats all players with respect and we expect all members to uphold these same standards.

Please visit our main website to learn more.
For our direct application link visit
Installing the game. I will find you guys in game and voice.
zenmire wrote:
Installing the game. I will find you guys in game and voice.
Sounds good, See you in-game Spartan!
I off today if anyone wants to team up. Find me in voice.
I'm off for holiday break. I will be online most nights for the next week or so. Find me in voice for some matches.
Hope everyone has a good christmas.
I online now if anyone wants to squad up.
thanks for the matches today. It was alot of fun.
I will be online all day today is anyone wants to play. Fine me in voice.
Thanks for the tips. My kdr has gotten better.
Weekend is here time for some games.
me :)
sup me. cool post :)
I'm will be around most of this week if anyone wants to play. Find me in voice.
Check out us out at