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The Divine Imperium Enlistment:

OP DarkStormDemon

Greetings everyone, my sangheili name is Azurox Zy Revar and I'm recruiting for the Divine Imperium, a sangheili clan based on Halo: MCC.
We follow the imperialist ideology which revolves around creativity.
A few requirements that we have are;
  • You must have the social media app Discord;
  • You must be at least ages of 14 or older;
  • Must be mature and willing to work with teammates
We are active everyday and we also understand that school/education and work is a thing. So if you have work or school just let us know and try to be as active as possible.

If you seem interested or want more information about our group,
direct message me here or contact me through Xbox (Azurox Redum), or Discord (DarkStorm125#1124)
and I'll reply to your messages as soon as possible!! Thank you and have a great day/night.