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Trying to acquire Achilles for our spartan company

OP F34RL3SS H410

Anyone is allowed in as long as you contribute to the cause of achieving Achilles both helmet and armor thanks, looking forward to working with you all. If interested in the offer request to join and I’ll get back to you when I can. Note: we don’t expect much of anyone just as long as you help out with the commendations in any way you please as in either hardcore or casual play-styles and maybe hang out with the other members of the company.
Hey, I’m a level 108, lookin for a spartan company to grind Achilles, all the other company’s I have been in have given up so in looking for one that will finally get Achilles with me
Welcome to the team! We are looking forward to working with you.
How active are you
I play halo 5 pretty frequently and other members play it often too. So pretty active.
when late spring and summer around the corner I play every day. I want to grind send me a request to join
Im a high level and play pretty often if you have space may i and a couple of my friends join?
My company has died, Could I get in with you guys?
Sure anyone is welcomed in we’re not strict with set rules. All you have to do is send a request to join and I’ll accept whenever I have time.
I've never left a company before, would you by any chance be able to give me directions?
Of course I would like to help. What you would have to do is go to your company’s profile on the halo waypoint website and find the “resign” button and confirm or you can accept the spartan company invite that was sent to your inbox also on halo waypoint. Hopefully that helps you out.
I'd like to join you guys. Can I get an invite to the company? I've been looking for a company that's active and wants to grind the armor set and haven't been able to find one yet