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UNSCN Company Sierra is looking for applicants

OP MasterFighterr

About us
We are a semi-casual company that doesn't focus on Achilles Armor but rather improvement of skills. We are looking to have a good time while staying on top using strategy, skill, and communication. We think that the best way to achieve victory is through teamwork and individual skill. We lack a ranking system because we believe that everyone should be considered an equal. Important Decisions are decided by a majority vote. Our official timezone is CST.
Why should you join?
We have the benefits of a spartan company without the negatives. We don't require ridiculous uniforms or emblems, in fact we actually encourage diversity and being yourself. We only ask that if you play MCC that you rep the company by putting down "Company Sierra" as your clan tag. Again, no emblems, no colors, no certain armor permutations, nothing! How you play is defined by you are your teammates. You can appoint a leader or have everyone act as equal bodies in your fireteams.
You can send us an application directly or send our leader MasterFighterr an application. You don't need to write a long application, just tell us some stuff about yourself, your favorite halo game, and your favorite halo weapon. You can put in whether you are looking to be a casual player or a hardcore player as well. We have a few requirements to join:
  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must speak intelligible English (and have a microphone)
  • Must be a decent player
  • Must be able to solo Halo 2 Legendary in 15 minutes (kidding)
Join us today!