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USAC Marines Corps (US Marine Corp semi-roleplay)

OP Tarlac4848

Welcome to the USACMC Where the Marines are the first to the fight and the last to finish the battle.
Here you will learn basic combat skills and other soft skills to further progress your fluidity in battle, Both Leaders are very capable of turning the Average Halo player
into one of the best combative players in the Halo 5 clan community.

Every Marine to ever join and leave have all said they wish more clans were like this and that they took more pride into what they believe as we do.

So come and experience what over 50 people have said was their best clan experience to date. Come and Join the USAC Continental Marine Corps.

For further questions please contact the General of the USACMC, Tarlac4848

Spartan Company: usac Marines
how many members do you got?
The Marines were disbanned today sorry, however if you would like to join the new Marine corps add me on xbox at Tarlac4848