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343, ranked matching 100% broken for night games

OP Dumb Spartann

Hello 343, were there any changes to ranked machmaking just recently, in particular around Thursday 13 June 2019? Because it seems completely broken.

It suddenly got broken on Thursday 13 June 2019. Looks like ranked matchmaking is completely region locked now? With no option to match in different regions?

We are a bunch of people in UK, playing late sessions from 21:00 to 03:00 at night GMT time. Mostly SWAT and Slayer -- two most popular ranked playlists. We are average plats/diamonds, play in teams of 2 (not 4). Always search on expanded. We never ever had problems finding games. As the time got later, we would get non-EU servers more and more often, things would become a bit laggy on occasion -- but that was fine, we had games.

Suddenly on Thursday 13 June 2019 we couldn't find *any* matches after about 00:00 midnight. Not in SWAT. Just one game in Slayer and no matches after that. Not in Doubles or any other playlist. NOTHING. We tried everything: searching individually, different smurf accounts, rebooting etc -- no matches.

BUT, social was more or less OK -- Quick Play seemed OK-ish. My friends tell me they could also get games in Warzone but not anything in ranked. Perhaps there is no hard region lock in social playlists.

There are some threads here complaining about no matches, not as many as you'd expect, perhaps exactly for the reason this issue affects late night players which are few, and even fewer would post here.

So 343, was there a change, because it looks like there was. If so, could you please change it back to how it was and let late-night gamers find games in different regions like before please?

Thank you in advance,
I was playing south americans last night.
Because 90% of the peope who play are lower then a diamond they made it so matches are based off closer rank mrr so the better you are the less people you have to play so the longer you wait and wait
Following up on a suggestion from another post to tag ZaedynFel in the hope to draw more attention to this.
Sounds like more of a population issue rather than a region lock issue. Not as many people play Ranked and, as far as I’m aware, matchmaking is more strict for Ranked.
Having problems getting Ranked matches here too. Only started about a week ago.
I played friday 2am eu which is friday evening across america but I struggled to find a game on expanded even in slayer.