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Hey everyone!

We are looking for some feedback from all of the action sack players out there! Please use this thread to discuss what your favorite gamemodes in the playlist are and why, as well as what you think could be improved and experiences that you feel are missing from the line-up.

In case you haven't played in awhile, this is what modes the playlist currently has to offer.

  • Paintball
  • Sumo
  • Groundpound arena
  • Mantis Breakout
  • Riftball
  • Minotaurs
  • Husky Raid
  • Battle Golf
  • Diminishing King
  • Crazy King
  • Snowball Fight
  • Prop Hunt
  • Skee Ball
As always, we appreciate your input!
I love Husky Raid and wish it could be added to Super Fiesta. Hate Battle Golf. Rift Ball, Snowball Fight, Diminishing Kings, and Crazy King are all great. Prop hunt skee ball, and paintball are ok. Not a fan of Mantis Breakout, Minatours, or Ground Pound Town.
Even though I know there are people who enjoy playing these game modes, I personally feel like the two king of the hill variants in the rotation don't fit very well with the rest of the group. When I play the action sack playlist, it's usually because I wanna play something that doesn't resemble traditional halo multiplayer. So getting matched into a king of the hill variant where I still have to "play Halo" instead of playing a mini game in Halo is almost disappointing because I'd much rather play something that I couldn't already do if I played slayer.
I also just feel like the action sack playlist needs more love. Some of the game modes in rotation have been in the playlist since it launched yet there have been dozens of new mini games released by the community. Imma just list off a few that I could see working very well in the playlist (All of these are from posts on Forgehub):

"Duck Hunt" by spartan blood 1 and b0b is here
"Musical Chairs" by DisizNerDz and Hanati
"Episphere" by ThisIsNotTheNSA
"Rocket Rush" by INeedMoreBleach and spartan blood 1
"Tom 'N' Jerry" by MisterJuOrDjoul, Opty Asco, and leviatan094

Another thing I would wanna add which is probably unrealistic... but there are so many mini games I could have added to that list but would have been better suited for larger lobby sizes.
With that being said, if we got a sort of Super action sack playlist that had full 16 player lobbies, there could be SO many more mini games that could be played. I understand if playlist population might be an issue but nonetheless, that playlist could be so diverse and vibrant with different, fun game modes.

My final word I want to say (which is probably even MORE unrealistic than the last idea) is implementing a voting system (similar to previous Halo games) into the playlist so that way people can have a say in what they wanna play. I realize this would probably be impossible to do now but for future reference, rotational playlists has it benefits of allowing all maps in a rotation to be played, but at the same time it can give you guys live feedback on what games people want to play and don't want to play and then from there, you can improve the playlist even more by rotating modes in and out based on real player feedback.
It’d be awesome to see the Super Fiesta drag racing maps in the playlist, maybe with a lowered round limit so it doesn’t eat up as much time as it does in customs. A Deathrun map would be sweet too.
Immediate improvement of Action Sack, in my humble opinion, could be achieved with the removal of a few games.

Minotaurs needs to be removed. A slow hide-and-seek game type where the only thing you can do is wait to be killed.

Prop Hunt needs to go for the same reason. Same exact game type minus the Mantises. And since the hiders are invisible, it makes things that much harder since they don't even have to jump into the vehicles to make themselves look like part of the terrain. Could be made a little more fun, though, if you could actually run over the seekers.

Skee Ball needs to go. I don't even think an explanation is needed for that, and I'm pretty sure anyone who's played it would agree (could be wrong, though). But, simply put, pick up ball, throw ball, hope it goes in a hole. Rinse and repeat for what, 4 minutes?

Mongoose Sumo... If it weren't for the fact that it's the only semi-reliable way to get the Mongoose Destroyer commendation (when Castle Wars isn't around), I would not shed a tear to see this go. Actually, the Mongoose Destroyer commendation is likely the only reason it's still in rotation.

Battle Golf... This game type's success relies solely on your teammates' willingness to play the objective and not kill each other, be it intentional or not. In my personal experience with it, that happens far less often than I would like. And that makes the game type frustrating. I would not shed a tear if this were removed.

The rest of the game types are decent. Husky Raid, in particular, is the best of the bunch. And naturally, since it is the best game type in Action Sack, it shows up far less than anything else. This is the real pain of playing Action Sack; suffering through all those less-than-fun game types multiple times trying to play Husky Raid one time. The one suggestion I would have for Husky Raid, though, is to remove one of the Beam Rifles. Don't really need the Beam Rifle and its H2 counterpart. Would help lessen sniper standoff situations if there's one less sniper rifle everyone can spawn with.
Yes too all of this ! Please !!!!!!!!! HUSKY RAID
prop hunt
I haven't played Action Sack in a good while, but Prop Hunt and Skee Ball were two of the most boring gametypes I've ever played. I'd like to see the tank wars gametype come back except maybe on a different map and have more variety of tanks to choose from.
I will order this from better to worse
  • Husky Raid (Very fun game this must be in a solo rotational playlist)
  • Groundpound arena (Is very entertaining has a lot of action)
  • Snowball Fight (very good is a way to show other skills)
  • Battle Golf (funny except when the whole team go for the ball)
  • Sumo (good gametype can be very funny)
  • Riftball (is almost griftball)
  • Diminishing King (good but boring because is only one map, need more maps)
  • Crazy King (same)
  • Paintball (I dont like much)
  • Mantis Breakout (could be frustrating)
  • Minotaurs (boring after a few games)
  • Skee Ball (is a bugged nosense)
  • Prop Hunt (the most boring gametype in all the game, I dont know how this is still in this playlist, also the groups have advantage)
One gametype that you can add is super gungame and parkour maps.

PD: make castle wars permanent T-T
Rocket Ball on Empire... or Rock’n rail oddball;
basically any heavy weapon set with objective game play. IMO
Im glad its back husky raid for life
Husky raid, riftball and snowball fight are meh favorites. Would like to see skee ball, prop hunt, minotaurs and sumo be removed. The others are good, would rather all game modes have the ability to at least slay, skee ball and sumo get very boring. Prop hunt and minotaurs make me want to sleep.
paintball please!!
Take out mantis breakout, battle golf, prop hunt, and skeeball.

Some of the goofier modes that have appeared in the rotational playlist should definitely be added. Rock n Rail and mythic shotty snipers come to mind. I would also like to see vehicle fiesta and some racing tracks. Maybe even duck hunt would be fun.
I missed world of tanks or whatever it was called where everyone had a tank. I am indifferent to mantis breakout and minotuars. I do enjoy battle golf, snowball fight, paintball, diminishing king, and husky raid. I like the uniqueness of all of these gamemodes and this playlist should return to its permanent spot along with team skirmish.
Just to add, I agree that Duck Hunt would be a great addition. However, 8 rounds (giving each player a turn being the hunter) seems a bit excessive.
For me personally, I believe that one major improvement is to add some more maps specifically tied to some of the game modes. Take diminishing king and Crazy king for example, two of the better game modes that a brought down by their exclusivity to one map. Futhermore Skee ball, battle golf, minotaurs and prop hunt should be removed entirely from rotation due to them being very tedious to play. In replacement to this, I would love to see the return of Tank world and some kind of racing game type.
Husky Raid should be it's own playlist.

Get rid of Golf and Snowball.

Everything is whatever.
I personally hate Battle Golf. It’s the reason why I don’t play action sack.
I can’t remember if the playlist contains a fireteam restriction? If so, please remove it. Allow groups of up to 8-players to play it. Also, don't double or triple weight the same mode/map. Beyond those...
  • Paintball - In my opinion (IMO), it's quite good. I've always been a fan of the paintball custom mode, even in past Halo titles; though, I think updating it to include a Neutral Extraction site as a secondary objective, similar to how the Breakout mode uses a Neutral Flag, would help focus and speed-up the round-based play a bit more. I also wonder if there's a new and improved map that could be substituted in? Though, the current one is okay. Also, is there a weapon mod that could prevent the PP from holding a charge? A no charge PP would be interesting.

    The custom mode of X-Ball is a great variant on the Paintball mode and I wouldn't mind seeing it included. Though, perhaps instead of adding one or two X-Ball maps/mode to Action Sack it should get it’s own featured playlist?

  • Mongoose Sumo - IMO, the current rendition is fairly solid, but I think the experience would be much improved if it was a FFA offering instead of RvB; therefore, I recommend an update to switch it over to being FFA.

    A similar concept to Mongoose Sumo, but slightly different is Crash Up Turby with Warthogs. I'd love to see it paired up with Mongoose Sumo within the Action Sack playlist, but make this one Multi-Team such that you can try helping each other achieve victory. It also may give a little more importance to the killball aspect once you get eliminated from a round. Send the death balls at your team’s opponents.

  • Groundpound Arena - IMO, it's currently the best FFA mode within the playlist and FFA works well within the playlist. It's just a nice quick mini-game that's full of Ground Pound mechanic action. I just like the simplistic fun it offers around that one basic mechanic and how it forces players to become more accustomed to using it. Although, as mentioned above (by bluep0inter) perhaps you could tone down the lethality of the weaponry to make it a bit more focused on the pounding melee action.

  • Mantis Breakout - IMO, it's kind of blah. It's not really bad or good. I think something better could take it's place; plus, I feel the Paintball mode already offers a better "Breakout" variant. However, if you decide to keep it perhaps you could choose a new map.

  • Riftball - IMO, it's an interesting mode, but not one I personally like. However, it’s a pretty clever mini-game take on the Grifball mode and because of that I think it should stay within the Action Sack playlist. Now, I think there might be a new map within the custom community that could replace the current one in order to freshen it up a bit and hopefully it offers slightly better game-play (from my perspective) than the current one. If a lot of people just outright dislike this mode maybe it should be removed.

  • Minotaurs - In my opinion, it's not a bad Hide & Seek infection mode, but all Hide & Seek modes are fairly boring which isn't ideal for matchmaking. I don't really feel too strongly about it in any particular way so I wouldn't necessarily mind it going away or staying, but I probably lean toward removal.

  • Husky Raid - IMO, it's easily one of the best modes within the Action Sack offering. I personally would like to see a second variant of it included within the playlist. I'm sure there's got to be some interesting options within the customs community to pair with the current one.

    This also reminds me that a Ro Sham Bo mode could also be a nice addition to the Action Sack playlist.

  • Battle Golf - IMO, it was a really clever idea and a pretty awesome mini-game, but I don't think it works all that well within matchmaking. It just makes for a better custom game; therefore, I think the playlist is best served by removing it.

  • Diminishing King - IMO, this is probably my current favorite (or maybe second favorite) offering within the Action Sack playlist. In fact, I wish that instead of being stuck within the Action Sack playlist you'd combined it (on more maps) with Roaming King and Crazy King to form a featured playlist that was all about competitive KotH game-play.

  • Crazy King - My thoughts mimic Diminishing King. It's currently a top 2 for me. I wish it was on more maps and included within a featured competitive KotH playlist instead of being stuck within the Action Sack playlist. Also, the 1st hill should be neutral.

  • Snowball Fight - IMO, it's a pretty boring mode but I can appreciate what it manages to provide the Action Sack playlist. I very much like that it's another FFA mode and I don't think it's a bad thing that it's a mini-game designed to force players to focus on improving their ability to land stickies. My biggest issue is that it feels like it's weighted within the playlist to appear more often. Is it?

  • Prop Hunt - IMO, it's a much more boring Hide & Seek mode than Minotaurs. This one is probably best left as a custom game for those who desire to play it.

  • Skee Ball - IMO, it's the worst mode that's ever been put into any Halo Action Sack playlist ever. Just as Afro (above) broke it down: pick up ball, throw ball, hope it goes in a hole. Rinse and repeat for way too long. Honestly, when this mode comes up I either quit or go AFK (& I pretty much never do that).
My all-time favorite was Rally Hog, but the mode definitely wasn't perfect. If a Halo racing mode is to be included in matchmaking it must require the ability for abandoned vehicles to immediately de-spawn while forcing the player who got out to automatically re-spawn back into a vehicle - just like Reach's race mode. In an ideal world players who fail to hit a check point within a reasonable time period ought to automatically re-spawn back at their last check point as this would help lessen reverse driving griefers.

As I mentioned previously, I'd like to see an X-Ball (own featured playlist?), Ro Sham Bo, and Crash Up Turby w/ Warthogs that's setup for Multi-Team added to the playlist. Beyond those, here are some additional thoughts:

  • The Gun Game. I know that Halo 5's custom version of the Gun Game isn't ideal, but the mode is just so much fun that I think it should be included regardless. It should also be paired with a variant: Gun Game Fiesta. Is there some sort of quality reason this hasn't been added previously?

  • A multitude of FFA Fiesta variants including FFA Vehicle Fiesta. I don't know how Vehicle Fiesta wasn't added to the playlist previously. Again, are there some quality reasons?

  • Multi-Team (2v2v2v2) modes like Fiesta Melee Crazy King, Explosive Fiesta Speed Ball, Low-Grav Fiesta Joust, etc. Maybe a 4-Way Flag mode could work well here too. Anyways, I'd just love to see Multi-Team options added to the playlist. This & FFA Fiesta modes might be my top desires for the playlist. I could see the Block Pit map used for these.

  • NES Duck Hunt & Space Invaders VS. Both are amazing Halo mini-games based on other games. I don't know if there'd be any legal issues regarding including it into matchmaking?
  • Trench Wars. I believe there are Stronghold and CTF versions of this mode; however, I leave identifying and selecting the best 8-player option for the playlist to someone who’s more knowledge-able of all the Trench War options.

  • Rocket Rush, Avalanche, Mad Dash/Speed Run, Flushing Toliet, Ice Breaker, & Pig Food. These oddities might be a decent fit for the playlist, but who knows if a majority will find them enjoyable.
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