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Stay off my lawn is broken. If on foot and you make it to the front of the yard both corners make you ungettable. Please remove this dumb game mode.
In Flies, there's no soft kill barrier in the Wasp spawn zone so someone can stay in there for the entire round without dying. Just had that happen in my game.
The builder says, "we definitely addressed that in testing and there is def a 20 second scripted kill zone that also strips any survival points you got. Odd."

Not sure why the kill script failed to fire in your game.
Wizard Duel needs to be shot and buried deep in a hole somewhere.

Easily one of the worst game types.
Not sure why the kill script failed to fire in your game.
I don't know if it was happening for the entire game, but the person stayed up there during the very last round. I'll test it out if I get that mode again.

Edit: Shift Slayer is definitely my favorite game mode so far. I love being able to switch between maps and surprise or evade the enemies.
I got a JIP game of Shift Slayer and it never gave me the option to teleport.

Edit: The one thing I don't really like about Shift Slayer is it's too easy to accidentally teleport when I'm trying to pick up a weapon.
Had multiple instances in Snowball Fight where people getting stuck aren't killed, including myself. A guy planted a blue spider right on my visor as I did to him at the same time. He died, but I didn't. The next encounter with him, I stood still and crouched so he could have his clearly deserved kill.
As someone that plays Halo, but is not part of any clan or company (call me a GDI, though I used to be part of a heavy weapons clan in H-CE for PC 10+ years ago):
  • Paintball - Keep. This is kinda fun ... would like to see more map variety (The old "Timberland" map would be fantastic here)
  • Sumo - Meh. It's OK.
  • Groundpound arena - Keep. I have a lot of fun here. If there was a way to randomize the booster directions after X sec., that would be a nice variant.
  • Mantis Breakout - Keep. This is fun, because you have to play smart to win. Personally, I'd love to see varients on this (i.e., Scorpion Breakout)
  • Riftball - Keep. I like Grifball, but I like this even better.
  • Minotaurs - I'm OK with this, but I only like when I'm infected. I hate the hide-n-seek mantra.
  • Husky Raid - Keep. Big fan. BIG fan.
  • Battle Golf - I'm a golfer, so I really enjoy this. I'd like to see more holes made, perhaps doglegs, perhaps water hazards, stroke play, etc.
  • Diminishing King - This is really fun, but agree with some - additional map variations would be welcomed.
  • Crazy King - Same thing ... always was a fan of the original "King of the Hill"
  • Snowball Fight - This is a lot of fun ... and the map creator should be hired full time.
  • Prop Hunt - I'm OK with this, but it's not my favorite, esp. when you find that one hiding spot that no one can find you.
  • Skee Ball - This one we can lose. It's all random, very bouncy, and could be dialed in much better.
As for variants, my clan years ago had Hog Wars ... everyone was invisible, but everyone was given a hog. The challenge was to ram into hogs to knock the driver out, and then run them over for the kill. Whoever runs over the driver gets the kill, not necessarily the driver who rammed the hog. The invisibility is the key - yes you can be invisible, but running over an invisible player isn't easy.

I do think a custom map for Scorpion Breakout would be all sorts of fun. I think races should also be considered ... Ghost races (like the old F-Zero games), Wasp races, Banshee races, Hog races (esp. with that fast warthog). A good way to see just who is the best driver in Halo.

Again, just my 2-cents from a Level 148'er.
Hey, I wouldn't mind getting hired! -GreyMuffinBass (Map Creator of Snowball Fight)
Alright well my opinion so far on the refresh is mostly positive in terms of trying most of the modes out, although there's a couple of stinkers.

Cannonball evasion is decent, although I think 5 rounds is a little extensive for something like this. 3 rounds maximum I'd say.

Ground smashers is a fun twist on the old custom mode, termites from what I gathered and played, a fun mode that I think fits it's criteria :)

Night of the mantis VS is also a lot of fun, played the original version of this a bunch and I was pretty damn impressed by some of the scripting that was going on here in forge. Definitely a cool mode to see here.

Pig of the hill is also a relatively good mode, not sure If I'm a fan of the weapon changes here, where it was default weapons and power weapons on the map in a beta video I saw, now it's been changed to only light rifles, vorpal talons and tons of nades (no weapons on the map either). It's still decently fun but compared to what I saw in this beta video it's a slight step backwards.

Pyramoid soccer is honestly a stinker in my opinion, it feels really clunky and kind of luck based what happens due to the vehicle physics, the idea is funny, but man the execution makes it boring and kind of annoying to play in my book.

I sadly can't say much about Shift slayer since I've never gotten it before, but I'd like to try this one out, this is one of the modes that's gotten my attention and everyone seems to like it, so even though I don't have a say in the word technically, I'd say this should be a keeper.

Stay off my lawn is HORRIBLE, not gonna pull any punches on this one and just say it right off the bat, once again, good idea but my god the execution is broken, survivors can survive by crouching the whole time, or at least sometimes? Because I've seen it not work for some people including myself, it's a very odd and annoying mode to sit through.

Wizard duel is also quite the annoying mode, a funny way of representing Harry potter type's of battles by mixing a sword and gavel together through the default weapon pickups, but it sort of falls into that problem mantis breakout has where if your teammates aren't good or you have none, you're pretty much destined to lose. I do think it's a bit worse here though.

X-ball is a REALLY clever take on paintball that I can dig, I like the way the weapon glitch was made here with AR's shooting plasma pistol bullets, and how it feels like actual paintball, really cool mode and a good way to upgrade paintball without removing the original mode.

Game night is a funny way of having NES duck hunt in the game, but it's only really fun when you're the infected shooting the "ducks". It's pretty boring besides that.

Bug Zapper is a mode I can't really talk about since I haven't played it but a wasp only mode sounds like fun, if that's what this is?

Even though I never got this mode, Duck run is just basically the halo 3 custom game version of Game night and has the same sort of problem, the infected gets the only real fun, I'd say it works better here since people can do a bit more than just get shot up in the sky constantly, and you have more movement but I still don't think this is super amazing. Works for an action sack mode though despite this.

Sadly can't say anything about the updated GPound arena map other than from the screenshot it looks nice, but the other riftball map is decent, looks cool but man is it awkward to control through compared to the original one.

Most of the other modes that are still here I'm fine with although I would've liked to see battle golf stay in.

Might've gone a bit over board writing all this but hey, it's what I think of the refresh so far, I wish some rotational playlist modes got thrown in here to save up some rotational playlist space but hey, the original modes that are here are for the most part, pretty nice and fit in nicely to the playlist.
Had multiple instances in Snowball Fight where people getting stuck aren't killed, including myself. A guy planted a blue spider right on my visor as I did to him at the same time. He died, but I didn't. The next encounter with him, I stood still and crouched so he could have his clearly deserved kill.
This usually happens if the grenade stick to the grenade you throw. So you throw the one that hit you away from you like a double plasma grenade, but since you got stuck there's like a fake sticky left by this which explodes on you and leaves no damage.
This Pyramoid soccer mode has to go. It’s incredibly boring, has nothing to do with Halo, and doesn’t even pay out XP.

The Wizard mode & Bug Zapper also arent enjoyable.

Pound Town also needs to come along much more frequently.
I really like it and it is an interesting change of pace in arena but I wish there was more maps and modes
My question is why Husky raid is in Action Sack and its own playlist
Paintball- Awesome game mode i personally think the only changes that i think would change the game for the better is removing the grenades and having just the semi automatic plasma pistol (removing the option to charge)

Sumo- Another awesome mode, i saw something above about changing the game type to FFA instead of 4v4, really the only thing i can think of.. even as RvB its still very enjoyable

Ground Pound Arena- I think ive personally only played this game a handful of times and havent seen it for a while but i wouldnt recommend changing any aspects.

Mantis Breakout- Its breakout, maybe adding a map or two for this gametype if possible but i dont see any potential changes that could make it any better

Riftball- good twist on griffball. theres an exploit on the map with the goal the opens and closes where sometimes if youre in it and it closes it will shoot you to the opposite goal (most of the time)... probably worth a fix

Minotaurs- good game type i suppose. i personally dont like it very much, not much to say about it

Husky Raid- awesome mode, enough said

Battle golf- good concept, not one of my favorites.. maybe keep the maps smaller so it doesnt take as much time to finish a game

Diminishing Kings- another good concept, agree with someone from above (feels more like it doesnt belong in action sack)

Crazy King- not sure if ive ever seen this game type...

Snowball Fight- love it, keep it the way it is, maybe add or change the map?

Prop Hunt- always a fun change of pace but gets old when its over played

Skee Ball- One of my least favorites, dont have much to say other than that

P.S. Thanks for the ice unicorn skin Whos Blaze
We need grifball to come back
For the halo reach multiplayer test flight... how many people will he accepted into the test flight??
Rookie4820 wrote:
For the halo reach multiplayer test flight... how many people will he accepted into the test flight??
Not really the place for this—the Insider forum is what you want to look at.
They haven't released participant numbers yet; information pertaining to the flight is currently very limited.
For the most up to date information on flights, check the Insider forum linked above, the MCC Development Updates, and Postums's Twitter.
action sack refresh. some good some ok most bad. and one even less fun then skeeball.

so new rift ball ok to good
new paintball ok to good
update to pound town nice i like it even more now.

duck run is great but they will need to update the corse over time to keep it fresh. but good.

night of the mantis is ok
cannonball infection one low side of ok.
the one with the pigs could be good but not the way it is now. at least not for me.

the mowing the lawn one is just bad in the way it works. could be a fun idea

minitors i like but still, the same maze needs to have been changed or something

Diminishing kings and the lego looking one still come up away too much yes they are fine. but we have a rotation playlist called roaming kings so why have these in action sack. but the three types together so when they come on rotation but get them out of action sack.

snowball fight. still fun as always. maybe on a different map

mantis breakout. upset it didn't get a map update or an upgrade to ONI or Hannibal / hoped for a return of tank world with a better map and upgraded tanks. but not yet.

bug zapper not a bad concept but can not stand the way the bugs look when they move. did like the inclusion of a flying game type. but maybe wasp v wasp or phaeton v phaeton game type would be fun

game night. (duck hunt) sucks as have played it 4 times and only once did I get to shoot. and that is the only time that game is fun. when you are the starting shooter

now for what was 343 thinking did they even play this or did they just random pick" stupid suck soccer" from the custom game because it sucks on so many levels .. not a big rocket league player or fan but it is fun. this was like a 6-year-old tried to make a knock off in forge. it is so slow .. why use a ghost and if it had to be a ghost did they not use a temple ghost. or even better USE the Ralley Hog. build a ring curved walls put 4 people in the rally hogs on each team that could have been a good show of respect to rocket league but just like with skeeball I refuse to play just surf the net check waypoint anything but play this for the 5 mins you have to sit and wait for it to end.

do love the addon of a 2nd rift ball map. and it plays so different but just as fun as the original.
and perfection could not have been improved on so mongoose sumo still my top favorite game in action sack. Just wish they would have added the 2nd version
FFA Mongoose sumo. please ffa mongoose sumo

That's my input and opinions and ideas on the action sack refresh.

and 343 if you read this. lol
Do we need another slayer game type added to the rotational playlist. Odst slayer come on you just making up crap to keep griff ball out as much as you can admit it.
I played all the new game types so I figured I'll mention some things since the playlist is going to be leaving soon.

Shift Slayer: This was my favorite game type out of the refresh. Very creative and I think it could carry its own playlist with more maps in the future. Only issues I've encountered is that it can be a little easy to teleport when trying to pick up a weapon and every once in a while the teleport won't work. I don't know if this is because of the map layout or not, but overall I think it's a good mode.

Pig of the Hill: I thought it was an interesting take on tug of war and I think it's a fun game mode. The only issue I encountered was a JIP problem where I joined a game with 5 seconds left which I mentioned earlier in the thread.

Ground Pound Arena: This is an older game type, but I like the changes that were made to it.

Duck Run: I thought this was a cool game type although I wish we had more chances to be a sniper. The couple issues I noticed was the levels seemed a bit long. If it was 4 levels instead of 5, it might make a little harder for the snipers and the respawning was a bit annoying when I would make it to a higher level only to respawn on a lower one.

Night of the Mantis Versus: I like this game type especially the end for the losing team with all the Mantises breaking through the barrier. The only thing that was a little confusing was the points system with the weapon unlocks. I wasn't sure how many points I had or how much more I needed to get a higher tier weapon.

Cannonball Evasion: I thought this was okay. It needs to be a round shorter (gets old quickly) and I think it could use one or two more cannonball triggers since it was a little hard to get one when people were camping them. The follow icon was also a bit confusing and I didn't really know if it did much.

Rift Ball: Not really a fan of Rift Ball, but the new map was decent.

X-Ball: I think this is better than the original Paintball mode, but I think the map layout could use a tad adjustment like making the home base area covered more so people can't kill you right when the round starts. I'd also like it if we could at least slide, but it might make it too easy to get across the map.

Bug Zapper: I thought this was okay although it can get a tad boring after awhile. The infected could probably use an extra light rifle which would help the ones who aren't very good. I think it might be a little better as well if the EMP was shorter on the Wasps. Once you get EMP'ed it's pretty much over. I also tested the soft kill area by the Wasps and it worked this time. Edit: I think it could do with 4 rounds instead of 5. I just had a game that was almost 15 minutes long.

Ground Smashers: I finally got this mode and it was interesting although it was a lot harder than it looked to not go through the floor. The rounds also went fairly quick like I thought they would.

Wizard Dual: I thought this was okay, but it felt like it's a round too long though and it's also a little buggy. I had a game today where my teammate was the last one alive, but the round didn't end and it said it was a tie.

Game Night: It's fun if you're the shooter, but it's kind of boring being the jumpers. The stuff around the house was a nice touch in order to have something to do, but even that got a bit boring after awhile. It could probably use a decent mini game while we're waiting for the round to end.

Pyramoid Soccer: This could have potential, but it's just meh currently. The ball movement is not very good and most of the time it just ends up with a pile of players in a corner trying to move it. I'd try a bigger ball that's more reactionary, a bigger playing field so you can bounce it off the walls and make some repulser stuff on the walls or in the field as well so it causes some more chaos when the ball hits it.

Stay off My Lawn: I think this is the worst game type in the refresh. It looks cool, but the gameplay is just completely boring. It needs something to liven it up more. It also has an exploit where you can crouch near the kill teleporters and not be killed by the lawn mowers which only adds to the boredom.

I also have some feedback for some of the older game types.

Snowball Fight: This has an issue where if I stick someone they won't die which usually happens after they stick me first.

Blok Pit: I think this needs to be changed up with the weapons or something to make it more Action Sacky besides just the lego blocks. It's basically just a Crazy King Pit map and it ends up turning into sweaty games which isn't that fun.

Mantis Breakout: This could use a new map.

Diminishing Kings: This could use a round ender when the other team can't mathematically win anymore. It can get boring when my team is winning by hundreds of points, but the game doesn't end.
Add Clang Of The Hill to the mix (or as a separate mode?)
Night of the Mantis Versus: I like this game type especially the end for the losing team with all the Mantises breaking through the barrier. The only thing that was a little confusing was the points system with the weapon unlocks. I wasn't sure how many points I had or how much more I needed to get a higher tier weapon.

You purchase weapons with your score. You can also purchase weapons and refresh ammo during the round.
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