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Modes I'd like to see removed
  • Minotaurs - Not much fun in my opinion.
  • Battle Golf - Fun with a team but with uncoordinated randoms it's a nightmare. Very large potential for trolling in this mode.
  • Prop Hunt - Overrun with people teaming.
  • Crazy King/Diminishing King - As someone said above it doesn't really fit the playlist. Not really arcade-y enough.
Modes I think need changes
  • Paintball - Needs to not have team damage. Also might be beneficial to change the ammo in the Plasma Pistol to something other than infinite. That way you cant just sit there with a shot charged up forever waiting for someone to poke out, or just spam paint balls constantly.
Modes I'd like to see added to Action Sack
  • Duck Hunt
  • Dodgeball
  • A race map or two
  • Avalanche
  • Red Rover
  • Cat and Mouse
This is all my opinion and others may disagree with me, but I can’t stand prop hunt or skee ball. The matches are just boring imo. Minotaurs, battle golf, sumo, and rift ball are ok, but I find myself just ready for the match to end so I can move on to the next one. I like all the rest. I would have to say groundpound arena and snowball fight are my favorite
  • Minotaurs, Skeeball, Mongoose Sumo are my three least favorites. Skeeball seems pointless to me. Unless I joined a custom lobby yeah sure but not in mm. Husky raid is great. always have a fun time noob slaying i will admit! but overall Action sack is a good time besides those three.
Lemme just chime in here and say that I LOVE Mongoose sumo. It is HYPE. That is all.
Action sack has been, and still is, one of my favourite playlists. It's a playlist i can hop on to and always have a good laugh, sometimes with friends. There are a huge selection of games the sack has to offer, but this sack needs new playlists, to spice things up a bit. If action sack ever arrives in halo infinite, or any other upcoming halo game, make it a permanent playlist. Same with halo 5. You did it to heavies on halo 4, you can do it to action sack. I want it back as a permanent playlist, and perhaps others do too.
Really enjoy the pound town game mode it was refreshing brought back a kind of halo 3 nostalgia almost keep up the good work 343 slowly making multiplayer Beautiful again! :)
Battle Golf - In my opinion, it was a really clever idea and a pretty awesome mini-game, but I don't think it works all that well within matchmaking. It just makes for a better custom game; therefore, I think the playlist is best served by removing it.
I think battle golf is too long
Husky Raid is the best game varient that exists on Action Sack. Please keep it in the game. Make the game it's own playlist potentially with different variations ? ...

I'm disappointed that action was stripped and made for just fiesta games. You should have just created a new playlist and left the old action alone. It was fun to play games like ninja, stickyball, etc. It should still be something that can be inserted in the new playlist. But bring back the old action sack!
Always a fun game mode. Really enjoy Husky Raid, Paint Ball, and Snow Ball.
Thanks for rotating in. This may not be the right forum but it would be great if H5 could include some solo game practice modes akin to H4 spartan ops or single player fire fight.
My thoughts on Action Sack
Many game modes could use more maps to make them more entertaining and less repetitive. Also there’s plenty of cool game modes (some of which are 16 players) that the I’ve had fun playing in custom games and would love to see in matchmaking.
Ok, I am a huge fan of Action Sack as a playlist in Halo games. Action Sack really displays the depth of Halo compared to other games in the FPS’s very important as a playlist in that sense.

Often times, it is Action Sack that players like to return to an older Halo game to spend some time playing game modes and mechanics of the past.

But one thing stands out above all other attributes in a good Action Sack game type...... ACTION.

it should be fast paced, fun and not to be taken seriously. Something that fills a group with laughs. It also should be a relatively short game, so it can be shaken-off, quickly forgotten as you move into the next action filled game.

Ground Pound Arena is a SHINING EXAMPLE of a great Action Sack game.
Fast-paced , Action-packed, completely unique, fun and doesn’t drag on.

Snowball Fight , Mongoose Sumo , Skeeball are also Ok......not as action packed but they are short and Unique Gametypes.

As a whole right now though......I’d say Halo 5 has the weakest Action Sack playlist of all Halo games.

Prop Hunt is a 12-14 minute SNOREFEST.
Minotaurs , while a unique game type, is honestly too long. You really just crouch around hiding....for 10 minutes.
Battle Golf....while a great gametype with amazingly designed just too long of a game when you even have 1 non-grouped random who isn,t on the same page with everyone......toooooo looong.
Paintball doesn’t drag on.....but little to no action and Blue Team is at a huge disadvantage due to map geographics.

Let me paint you a picture of a very common and terribly boring hour of Action Sack on Halo 5......

Prop Hunt (12-14 minutes of standing still and shooting at nothing)
Minotaurs (10-12 minutes of hide and seek....)
BattleGolf (10-15 minutes of frustration with teammates and hammer kills)
Skeeball ( 5 minutes of throwing balls down a lane)
Mongoose Sumo (6-8 minutes of mongoose turning and pushing)

That is 43-54 minutes of gametypes that mostly involve doing nothing........

343.... please please put Action Sack playlist back into Halo Reach just as it was when you removed it....and then try to emulate gametypes that are in that playlist.....

Because Halo Reach had the best Action Sack by FAR. Even better than Halo MCC’s.

But if you make only 1 change.....get rid of Prop Hunt.
Updated. Tweaked a few things throughout including the secondary objective recommendation for Paintball. I clearly didn’t think through how a Neutral Flag wouldn’t work within the mode given the Flagnum aspect. Duh 🤦🏼‍♂️

Edit: 1-20-19

I do recall a much Much more interesting custom Halo World-of-Tanks-styled map and mini-game. Maybe consider bringing that back with the fastest variant Tank. Maybe custom game Mod the best handling Tank to be even a bit faster than typically normal. Think controlable but intriguingly nimble.

Edit: 1-22-19

Not sure if Diner 51 would be a good addition or not, but it's certainly worth checking out.

Edit: 1-24-19

Lightning Flag Fiesta. A SWAT variant mixed with SWAT Fiesta.
  • Paintball. Eh, this one is alright. I don't love it but it's fun sometimes.
  • Mongoose Sumo. One of my favorite modes in this playlist. Enjoy it to the point that I made some spinoff maps using Turb's 2.0 map as a starting point (maybe they'd work in matchmaking?)
  • Ground Pound Arena. This one's pretty alright. I understand why you removed the Beam Rifles but I enjoyed that version most of all lol. Wonder why you spawn with a plasma rifle and a plasma pistol. Surely spawning with a magnum with one bullet in it would help give the more intended experience.
  • Mantis Breakout. A bit slow for my taste but it's not a bad gametype.
  • Riftball. Like the mixed-up Grifball style it offers, doesn't hurt that I win probably 90% of the games of it I play. I also make a little game of trying to score from my goal by just tossing it with perfect timing cross-map lol.
  • Minotaurs. Nope. It's a decently fun gametype to play once in a great while but it takes way too long and amounts to just playing really slow hide and seek for like 12 minutes.
  • Husky Raid. Absolutely my favorite gametype in the whole playlist with a good team. PLEASE resist the temptation to change it to Super Fiesta weapons. I've asked a few times over the past few months if you could re-add Classic Fiesta CTF as a gametype because it's much more fun than Super Fiesta CTF. A new updated Husky Raid with the Grenade Launcher and the Sentinel Beam is all it really needs. Fun fact though: it's impossible to play classic Husky Raid in a custom game though because of the base gamemode being removed. Trying to play it just refuses to load the match. Please fix this so I can host some lobbies for it.
  • Battle Golf. Apparently I'm one of the few people who really likes Battle Golf. It's fun as hell I feel, but I understand why playing with randoms makes it feel like a pain in the -Yoink-. Consider removing the 'golf cart' and friendly fire to dampen griefing. In general, why does any Action Sack gametype have friendly fire?
  • Diminishing Kings. Really like this one. Can't think of anything to change about it.
  • Crazy King. I wish the hill spawned in a neutral place at the start so red team didn't always get a starting advantage but I quite enjoy playing this one, probably because it, along with Diminishing Kings and Husky Raid, are gametypes where playing like a sweaty can help out.
  • Snowball Fight. I don't play this when I can avoid it because of how inconsistent the sticks are. The mechanic where you can't 'trade' with someone by sticking them as they stick you is reason enough to hate this without the odd grenade just arbitrarily not registering as a stick. Hard pass.
  • Prop Hunt. The definition of 'cute concept, but...' If it didn't just become hide and seek where you're trying to find almost invisible camo people, then it might be alright. I'll play the hell out of Prop Hunt in Halo Infinite if it actually works like the real Prop Hunt. In Halo 5 however, it needs to be removed from matchmaking.
  • Skee Ball. Absolutely terrible. Again, cute idea and all, but there's no gameplay. It's core loop is grab ball, throw ball, wait for ball to do a thing, repeat. If you have to make one single change to this playlist, please for the love of god remove this.
All in all, remove Skee Ball, Prop Hunt, and Minotaurs. The other gametypes are pretty alright as-is.

In their place, why not add in the Roaming King map/gametype that was its own playlist for a while? Fits in the vein of the other King gametypes and gives you another excuse to have that get matchmaking time. Same with Grifball. Have Grifball on Grifball Court (the default map) as an option because it's a staple gametype and you can have another way to play it that way.

I also see Duck Hunt suggested a lot. Only problem I see with that is the fact that not everyone would get to play the hunter unless the game lasted eight rounds, and that's too long. Same with Rocket Rush, which was designed for matchmaking. Musical Chairs seems like it might work but it might also get boring after a while.
I like battle golf but I think that the game mode doesnt has so much maps to play
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husky raid is fun, same with snowball. but NotM is slow. same with prop hunt.
I can’t stand monitors, skee ball, battle golf and prop hunt. When these modes pop up I always try and dash board.
Are there any modes that were taken out of the action playlist? just wondering?
Gomez1992 wrote:
Are there any modes that were taken out of the action playlist? just wondering?
2 race game types and a Tank World mode. Maybe others I’m forgetting.
Glad to have action sack back again!

I think action sack brings out the creative elements of the game. It seperates itself from story and ranked competition into a category all its own and we need that to keep things fresh. It pushes forge and theatre modes. I think you should combine action sack and super fiesta because fiesta has always been more fun than competitive. Nice job on the updates. 👌
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