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  • Paintball - Really fun, keep it there!
  • Sumo - Is this the one on the mongoose where you need to knock people off? kinda fun =)
  • Groundpound arena - SUPER FUN!
  • Mantis Breakout - Solid entry, keep it in
  • Riftball - not sure if I played this yet?
  • Minotaurs - can be pretty slow at times.
  • Husky Raid - haven't played
  • Battle Golf - good for some laughs, but too many people don't play the objective
  • Diminishing King - haven't played
  • Crazy King - SUPER FUN
  • Snowball Fight - SUPER FUN
  • Prop Hunt - can be super slow
  • Skee Ball - fun the first time, but then incredibly boring - I'd consider removing this
These were mine and my Company's favorites.
  • Paintball -Super fun!
  • Sumo - Sumo was awesome. Actually my second favorite... I do wish it could be balanced more on game time. It may be the style aimed for but some rounds were over within seconds and some were over full clock. Maybe adding another layer or two to the edge might resolve the quick game time? but then again maybe not.
  • Skee Ball - Perfect In every way. Super fun game mode with teams.
  • Golf
-Why was this game mode taken down so early? Sad to see it replaced with Fiesta. I think this game mode should be a locked in as a regular addition for arena! It sucks not being able to play when you feel like it.
As someone that plays Halo, but is not part of any clan or company (call me a GDI, though I used to be part of a heavy weapons clan in H-CE for PC 10+ years ago):
  • Paintball - Keep. This is kinda fun ... would like to see more map variety (The old "Timberland" map would be fantastic here)
  • Sumo - Meh. It's OK.
  • Groundpound arena - Keep. I have a lot of fun here. If there was a way to randomize the booster directions after X sec., that would be a nice variant.
  • Mantis Breakout - Keep. This is fun, because you have to play smart to win. Personally, I'd love to see varients on this (i.e., Scorpion Breakout)
  • Riftball - Keep. I like Grifball, but I like this even better.
  • Minotaurs - I'm OK with this, but I only like when I'm infected. I hate the hide-n-seek mantra.
  • Husky Raid - Keep. Big fan. BIG fan.
  • Battle Golf - I'm a golfer, so I really enjoy this. I'd like to see more holes made, perhaps doglegs, perhaps water hazards, stroke play, etc.
  • Diminishing King - This is really fun, but agree with some - additional map variations would be welcomed.
  • Crazy King - Same thing ... always was a fan of the original "King of the Hill"
  • Snowball Fight - This is a lot of fun ... and the map creator should be hired full time.
  • Prop Hunt - I'm OK with this, but it's not my favorite, esp. when you find that one hiding spot that no one can find you.
  • Skee Ball - This one we can lose. It's all random, very bouncy, and could be dialed in much better.
As for variants, my clan years ago had Hog Wars ... everyone was invisible, but everyone was given a hog. The challenge was to ram into hogs to knock the driver out, and then run them over for the kill. Whoever runs over the driver gets the kill, not necessarily the driver who rammed the hog. The invisibility is the key - yes you can be invisible, but running over an invisible player isn't easy.

I do think a custom map for Scorpion Breakout would be all sorts of fun. I think races should also be considered ... Ghost races (like the old F-Zero games), Wasp races, Banshee races, Hog races (esp. with that fast warthog). A good way to see just who is the best driver in Halo.

Again, just my 2-cents from a Level 148'er.
I love Rift Ball TacosDMazisa
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Why is it available temporarily? is it now a permanent on the playlist?
Why is it available temporarily? is it now a permanent on the playlist?
It's a rotational playlist which will come back at a later date once they look through all the feedback and make changes.
I had a lot of fun with action pack. No complaints really.
The only thing that has to go from action sac. is Skeeball. skeeball is only cool if you win tickets. Action sac SkeeBall you don't even get any XP or RP.
when we played action sac this last go around we boycotted participating in skeeball. turns out you get the same XP if you stand there and did nothing or if you threw the ball toward the scoring zone.

I might play it if you could earn 25000 RP or 25000xp if you scored over certain amoutn.. otherwise as they said in dead pool putting balls in holes...

I had just posted this over on max XP group and thought I would add it here also.

I would like action sack and Grifball permanent palylist in their own right.
action sac and gave lots of different game modes rotated in from customs. have the most popular custom game types spend 2 weeks in actions sac and my GB playlist rotation is listed below.
if we can't have both maybe have a permanent slot for both and we swap action sac for GB Playlist every 2 weeks.

to make room Move Big Team To Ranked arena. You have a fun big team in social with Big Team Supper fiesta

Please remember all the non-shooty Halo players that are missing out,

everyone, please give a shout out to my fellow grifballer Kiescal. he is going to get his 152 tonight may be Monday. currently, he is sitting at 49,833,751. He is also the Ground Pound King leading all comers with 20,722 ground pound kills. 4th overall in kills and he is 9th in deaths.there are lots of Halo 5 grifball players that would be at 152 months ago had GB not been removed ..... it had been added in either January or February of 2016 and they didn't remove it till sometime early 2018. and we have only had it back twice for 2 weeks at a time since August.please, 343 help your non-shooty halo 5 players out.please ad action sac and griffball back . they have enough versions of GB made. they could easily have different versions of GB rotate out every 2 weeks or once per month

The version of GB in Halo 5.

OG Halo 5 GB, shields, and spartan charge. (just like in rift ball and castle war. it was not removed from those game types.
GB Pro
Pro/Am GB (A.G.L.A). with or without slide
the pro version that is closer to old school GB from halo 3.
you can do 4 team grifball (played some last night
even put castle wars into the grifball playlist rotation and have 2 version of castle wars. Regular CastleWars and an all hammer version.
give the non-shooty players a chance at 152.. and make it playing the Halo 5 game types they love..
I really love snowball fight. It’s such an enjoyable playlist. I love how it’s both competitive and fun at the same time.
I love action sack in general; it's a great playlist when you're in the mood for really casual, fun halo. Husky raid and diminishing kings are favourite game modes. However, I could really do without skeeball, battle golf, and mantis breakout. As others have been saying, I would absolutely love to see husky raid rotate in as it's it' playlist!
I love all of these game types and action sack but I wish I got husky raid more often I would try it as a own playlist but the only problem I guess with that is the spawn trap glitch
I love Husky Raid and wish it could be added to Super Fiesta. Hate Battle Golf. Rift Ball, Snowball Fight, Diminishing Kings, and Crazy King are all great. Prop hunt skee ball, and paintball are ok. Not a fan of Mantis Breakout, Minatours, or Ground Pound Town.
Yeah I agree with this Husky raid is very helpful to me at times actually when I need to just get some practice in before I do anything else
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I pretty much like them all except for snowball fight. That game is lame. Wish you would put action sack back in the regular lineup. I also like holiday fiesta a lot.
I love all of the gamemods my two favorites are paintball and snowball fight
Would love to see more husky raid or games similar. Another fave, paintball, is always fun.
I find Minotaurs and Prop Hunt really boring.

Minotaurs boils down to one strategy- hiding in bushes. If you try to run, you die. It makes for an extremely unactive game. And being a Minotaur just means ‘Go around and shoot bushes.’

Prop Hunt is a game that shouldn’t be in Halo. The props are unwieldy, the seekers are OP, just a boring, unbalanced game. I find it better off to hide without props. AND THEN there‘s the fact that there’s only one map.

Ground Town is my all-time favorite, it’s so unique and exciting! All the others are fairly fun in my book.

To whoever’s reading this, thank you for your time.
I personally like paint ball the least, but prop hunt and other game modes better
rocket vs. railguns

steal the bacon

rockets vs. railguns cft
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