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Anyone else can't find a warzone game?

OP DreadSaiyan

Since Saturday I haven't been able to find a single game on warzone. No idea why but getting frustrated as hell. Anyone else got this issue?
Had some problems last week in germany aswell. Finally found a game on monday. Other modes worked fine.
It has to do with playlist population. Try searching at different times of the day.
I've never had too much of a problem even mid day. I live in central US so that might have something to do with it.
Wait! Is this an odd-numbered Tuesday in a month beginning with a vowel? MMR must be off. Or on. Or being tested, or being re-set, or being shoved up my -yoink!- in an attempt to screw lower-skilled players or speed up search times, whichever is the priority of the moment. Who can even keep up with any of this nonsense anymore?
Yeah I can't seem to get a game, been about 2 days now...
Searching for 30minutes now, can't find any games.
Played a few games yesterday, exactly the same time.

*Edit* found one game so far now.
I'm US west coast. I get games but have to wait a minute or 2 longer. Sometimes I get timed out by the server, retry and usually get a game. I play mid afternoon to early evening.
I do sometimes but more than likely it has to do with when I usually play (early morning West Coast).
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I can’t find any matches either.
popularity for this playlist sort of ebbs n flows for me out here in south central Canada
Still can’t find a match on 5 in warzone it’s been 5 hours now....
I am also not able to find any games neither warzone nor warzone assault. Is it a server problem or should I have a premade team to join in and find matches?