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Hey everyone,
We're planning on updating all of the maps in Arena and are looking for your feedback during the process. Some possible examples of what we're thinking of doing could be: Swapping the rocket launcher and sniper rifle locations on Coliseum. Or moving the Overshield outside on Empire Strongholds. Even stronghold locations could be changed as well. Let us know what ideas and feedback you have on how the maps are currently playing and what you'd like to see changed.

I'll try to pop by and reply back to some of the feedback from time to time. Thanks.
Maybe slow respawn times of power weapons...2 minutes is too quick.

Torque: swap DMR and BR position.

The Rig: place Plasma caster in Bottom Nest and place BR or DMR on Top Nest.

Truth: put sword back on top bridge.

Recurve: eliminate or greatly reduce the sun glare.

Bring Orion back into the mix (if glitches have been corrected).

Thanks for requesting player feedback! Love this idea.
Am I dreaming?

Some of the maps need power weapons to be replaced with newer ones, or just need less power weapons in general. Truth needs to lose the Plasma Caster (and the camo IMO). I also think the Saw would work well to replace both the Sword and Shotgun on Overgrowth
BTB maps with Active Camo on Objective gametypes spawn every 2 minutes which is pretty quick for a ~15 minute game

*Adding to this as ideas pop in my head

On BTB GUILLOTINE - Active camo spawning beside 'mid' stronghold isn't fair to a team stuck at Splaser Stronghold.
- Mid stronghold too close to Shotgun Stronghold.

On BTB BASIN - When playing CTF, Red side has flag home further from 'step up block' into top base area. Also Red side has tree blocking camo cave that ruins momentum jumping from lift

On BTB Antifreeze - Remove it? haha (not joking, please delete asap) The map is okay but just too small for BTB in all honesty.
Please make the Arena playlist only the maps/gametypes that are in the HCS. Overgrowth, Torque, and Riptide are beyond repair and do not belong.
Sniper/Rockets are fine on Coliseum.
Yes, OS should be outside on Empire.
Please remove Overgrowth, Torque, and Riptide from Team Arena. I really want a tournament gametype list if possible. It feels bad watching tournaments and getting hyped to play only to then repeatedly get non tournament maps/modes.

Move the OS on all Empire variants.

All shotgun variants, SMGs and Storm Rifles spawn too quickly. A great example being camping tower with shotgun on Empire only to drop it and have it respawn almost immediately. Honestly maybe the shotgun should just be removed from Empire in general.

Add a Camo to Red Flag on Eden TS that spawns 1 minute into the game and every 2 minutes afterwards. It will help break up stalemates.
This post has been edited by a moderator. Please refrain from making non-constructive posts.
Replace all rocket launchers spawns with SPNKR rocket launcher spawns.
Reduce Fuel Rod ammo on Regret or, preferably replace with a railgun. As for Coliseum I think testing 2 snipers, one in each cave, with only 8 bullets each should be tested. Maybe put 3 minute OS where snipe currently is or move Scattershot there. Test OS or camo on red flag on Eden slayer as well. My final thing would be to remove Overgrowth from the game.
Radar is fine. It works in 5 and honestly I like some of the plays you see as a result of it.

Only problems are Riptide and Overgrowth being horrible to play. Such segmented, corridoor like maps. Very stilted.
Please remove Overgrowth,Riptide, and Torque from the arena playlist. That playlist should only be maps/game types that are in the HCS pro league whatever the tournament is.
Please try to incorporate assault and oddball into the arena playlist on the original launch maps.
respawn time for autos like smg and storm rifle should be longer .
Please. Test the map rotation in SWAT because the spawn trapping is horrendous. I have been avoiding SWAT for the most part because of groups finding ways to get you right off every single SPAWN point. I've died before I even get the load-in animation.
Holy crap the hate in this thread is unreal. WTF is the problem with Overgrowth, Riptide, and Torque? I thought we liked Torque?

The moment those maps get removed from the playlist 343 will get more hate for removing them, mark my words.
Try no radar. Only have maps/gametypes that are HCS in the Arena playlist.
Move OS outside on Empire or try moving the Empire Pit Hill outside.
Plaza swap sniper and hydra launcher spawn. Makes the forced yard spawn not as weak and able to spawn trap.
Truth swap Sword and Plasma Launcher spawns.
definitely think the gravity hammer on torque needs to be taken out, also what someone said slowing the respawn rate of some weapons like rockets and/or sniper is a good idea but needs testing to actually prove if it is "needed". Truth and Regret need some tuning on weapons im not completely sure what can be done about regret considering the map design. Truth the plasma caster needs to be taken out. literally i dont even go for it unless im playing pubs and theres no real use for it than if i were looking at car when i was top mid. but you dont sit top mid for long especially in fast gametypes like truth flag. most of the time youre wanting to get into the enemy base on Truth CTF so you dont have time to sit around trying to aim that thing in a weird way. but i may be wrong plasma caster is a good weapon though i just dont see it used enough on that gametype. those are my personal things i could think of off the top of my head. but im sure theres more i could talk about and other people could talk about as far as gametypes.
overgrowth, torque and Riptide are very badly designed maps they need to be removed from every playlist. IMO Coliseum is the best map in halo 5 please dont change snipe and rockets it is fine like it is. I hope the next maps added to halo 5 are like coliseum, symmetrical with snipe and rockets (even better if you could get a snipe on both sides) whilst keeping varied sight ranges and the map not being massive.
Make the radar bigger on screen and increase the radar pickup thingymajingi
Competitive HCS map/gametype matchups in Arena only please.

No radar would be great.

Also please stop with the trend of putting OS on one side of a BTB map and invis on the other, just so teams both have a different pickup as soon as the game starts. Powerups should be central and fought for.

And PLEASE don't touch Coliseum.

Also, maybe move the sniper into a more neutral position on Rig, that map has very unfair spawns
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