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why are people asking to take out all three maps that we have been waiting for a long time to get makes no sense at all. I would an actual tournament style playlist of hcs maps and mades and put the bad maps and bring back orion and place them in a social playlist.....makes total sense to me.
Empire - Get rid of so many smgs and storm rifles reduce the time limt and put only one storm rifle on plasma caster...seeing nobody ever goes for that...ever. Or put OS there that works for me too.
Truth - Bring back sword to top mis and i miss dmrs in that map.
Torque- get rid of rockets..put storm rifle or something seeing how that weapon is as good as a saw due to its fast killing potential...and rockets just end hammers potential of moving.
Plaza - Dont touch
Coliseum- dont touch
Riptide seems fine to me
Rig - not in favor of one br and blue team has a carbine....maybe im blue team and maybe i hate carbine on that map.
Pegasus- red side has a huge advantage and also is the worst map for swat because people just camp top red every game.
I also seen a 343 favorites file of map changes made where on btb kap deadlock they got rid of rail gun and had 2 rockets and carbines were no longer on satellites...loved it.
Stronghold variants seem pretty balanced except maybe empire where people call out people taking pit like 300 times in one game snd ground pounding in there is super dominating.. Maybe put shotgun in pit and put middle base where dmr spawn might make it more of a challenge to get....idk sounds interesting to me.
Guillotine- the camo should not be in cargo but outside between the big main street where blue spawns and the big tower where the useless spartan lasr spawn.....p.s fix laser.
The huge glare in recurve needs to be toned down by a lot....trying to snipe people on top of blue base is difficult and hurts the eyes soooo much.
Antifreeze is horrible for CTF.
The btb map that has hydra a binary rifle i think red team has a super high advantage where they are equally close spanker and spanker but spawn right next to wraith the can destroy blue team hog and also spawn next to balance at all in the map...and its my favorite due to its asthetics if only it played out better.
FFA people should not spawn by power weapons...or just have a ranked ffa where its tournament setting where its just loadout weapons and ffa setting and eliminates 90% of the randomness and possibly lowers the steal killing campers.
And please pit royation back into erekend playlists i wud prefer it to go back to social assault and have fiesta again ryt after we just got rid of it.
I would love to just see the HCS game types in the playlist. Thats it
I agree the lighting on some maps really need fixing. Especially on torque. One side of the map is completely unplayable.
Rig; Remove the Plasma Caster for a SAW, Remove Carbine for a BR at team spawn
Coliseum: Swap both BR and DMR spawns, swap DMR for a Light rifle
Truth: Swap Plasma Caster for Fuel Rod Cannon as a power weapon
Eden: Remove Sniper Rifle, put DMR at same place
Overgrowth: Change Light rifle spawn for a BR
How about, instead of completely removing Torque, Overgrowth and Riptide from Team Arena, make a "pro" playlist (similar to the Halo 3 MLG playlist) where only HCS maps and gametypes are in and maybe with different weapon spawns on each map (e.g. no Storm Rifles on Empire or a SAW instead of a Beam Rifle on Riptide (Note: these are random examples, not what I want changed)). Could perhaps change the rules of this playlist too. Maybe slower sprint speed or longer respawn time (again random examples, not what I want.)
Please replace the gravity hammers with snipers on torque
Torque : Remove the rockets,Replace with anything.Maybe sniper or saw.
Perfect as is for 4v4. In FFA, nobody goes for the plasma caster because you'll get shot from every direction if you run out to top mid. I'm not sure what the solution is or if one is really even needed. People just rarely use it is all.
Perfect as is. Good balance and symmetry. Great for TS, CTF, and FFA.
Perfect as is. Great for Strongholds, TS, and FFA.
Thank you for removing the sword. I think invis needs to be moved to a different spot. Perhaps top mid in the middle of the hallway intersection. It feels like it's on the fringe of the map as is, and it should be the center of attention. Typically off initial spawn if a member of each team rushes that hallway, it will result in a spartan charge collision. So I think that would be a good spot to battle for the powerup.

My biggest problem with this map is 18m radar coupled with spartan charge. It rewards people for blindly sprinting around the map. If the radar was 25m like every other Halo game it would be fine. I think the limited radar range makes this map absolutely terrible for FFA.

And I'm sorry, but Overgrowth Strongholds is also terrible. Right now there is one obvious strategy to win, which is ignoring blue bend. If you try to control blue bend, you will force your team to spawn there, and you will probably lose. I don't think that's a good experience. I don't think there should be obvious, concrete winning and losing strategies. I'm not sure how you fix it, I just know it isn't good as is.
Fine as is. I thought I would hate this map since it's asymmetrical, but I like it. Plays well for TS, Strongholds, and FFA.
I thought I would love this map since it's symmetrical, but I hate it. I do not like where the BRs are placed, on the platform in front of each base. You have to go out of your way to get one. There is usually no advantage to that position as it opens you up to fire from across the map.

The problem with Strongholds on Empire is random spawns. Whether you control either red or blue, you can spawn pretty much anywhere when you die. This incorporates a lot of random chance into spawns since they're harder to block and predict. I think fighting over Pit in the middle is annoying. And I don't think overshield should spawn there. Maybe it should be in top tower instead? I don't know.

Empire CTF is also pretty wonky. The distance from base to base with sprint and thrust just seems way too short for CTF.
Fine as is.
The Rig
I'm really not sure about railgun spawning top tower on Strongholds. Why do the weapons need to be different from slayer? What's wrong with snipe and caster on Strongholds? Please replace the carbine outside with a BR.
Please for the love of god can I have a BR on this map? Why only carbines and DMRs? There is way too much ammo in the fuel rod cannon. I think this is one of the worst arena maps but it's hard to explain why. I would like to playtest a version with no overshield. Most battles for the overshield have a random outcome, there is no clear strategy for controlling it at the start of the game. Maybe fuel rod should spawn bottom mid and something like the plasma caster or sword should replace it?
This map is awful. The flow is just so bad. Sniping from light rifle/top stairs is an OP position and it's damn near impossible to break a good setup. Your reward for dying trying to break their setup? You spawn security with the sniper staring at you. Oh the rockets are about to spawn, yay....but there's still a sniper watching them waiting to take your head off if you go for them. I don't think it's fixable. The community has forged better maps than this, it's time to replace it. It's not a dev map so you should have no qualms about replacing it with a better forge creation.

I just don't like the flow of this map. I don't like beam rifle or where it spawns.
There do not need to be two hammers on this map. There should only be one, and it should be on a power weapon timer. Maybe it should spawn top mid instead of rockets. Maybe there should be a sniper that spawns in each base instead of rockets. I think the spawns need a lot of work too. There's a tendency to spawn all the way back in the base and that seems unnecessary to me. The big column on bottom mid should be hollowed out with a lift up to top mid, like Abandon on H4. The routes from bottom mid to top mid are too limited. It should also be smaller, encounters at bottom mid often devolve into ring around the rosey.
Background about me: High Onyx the last 3 seasons in Arena (2100+), been playing competitive halo since H3. I play team arena with my team/friends every day, not a casual halo player at all.

The team arena playlist needs to be HCS gametypes, not a "let's test the new maps" playlist. If you want to see how Assault or any new map may work in competitive, make a playlist that has maps and gamemodes to be tested for the HCS.
Rig needs to be a more even map to start off the game. Red team has a much easier time to get camo and sniper to start off the game. Yes, blue team has the better chance of scatter and plasma caster, but I would take Snipe, SMG, and Camo over scattershot and plasma caster any day. And Railgun and camo for the red team on strongholds gives them the advantage too in my opinion.
For the love of God please get rid of the spawn in front of the base on Truth. It is a death trap and you mind as well not even spawn cause you'll be dead within 3 seconds of your spawn.
Even weighting of the maps. I get that you wanted Torque, Overgrowth, and Riptide to be a success, but they are all really bad maps and don't deserve to be in the Team Arena playlist. I hardly ever get to play truth, regret, coliseum, rig, empire, or plaza because those maps are weighted so much.
Please nerf the storm rifle, and all of the automatic weapons. The range of the AR is insane too.
Fix the scattershot, it shoots blanks half the time.
Consider making it pistol only starts. It takes more skill and if it truly "competitive" that's what should be aimed for. I'm fine with automatic weapons on the map, just not starting off the game.
No radar, make people learn awareness.

I've really enjoyed H5, please either look into past generation Halo's forge maps for competitive or stop making bad maps and forcing us to play them in the most competitive playlist available for matchmaking.

In all seriousness though, thanks for making Halo great again. Please take advice from the Professional Players when it comes to this, I like to think what I've typed is good feedback but the pros definitely have better insight than I do.
How about some new Modes for Arena? Like Oddball and the all so Fan favorite King of the Hill!
I would like to see team arena changed to the official HCS game type. You play what the pros play very simple. Keep maps like riptide, overgrowth, and torque out of the rotation. Bring back past competive halo maps with forge to replace riptide, over growth and torque. I would to see Orion comeback I kinda miss it! I think changing os to outside of empire would be great and I wouldn't change the rockets spawn on coliseum
Grenades on maps need longer respawn time. They come up to frequently.
Firstly, I'd like to extend my gratitude to the Arena Design team for opening up this feedback thread. I hope you all can look past the mindless posts shouting to remove radar or remove maps entirely and will be able to boil down feedback to make Halo 5's Arena experience as competitive as possible. With that said, here are my in depth thoughts about Arena Maps in Halo 5: Guardians.

Foundational Goals
  • Reduce Snowballing and lopsided Map Design
  • Increase consistency by promoting the utility weapon
  • Reduce prevalence of automatics while retaining their niche and utility
  • Reinforce player roles through weapon placement and map flow
Generic Changes
  • Reduce Quantity of Storm Rifles to 0 or 1 across all maps. Convert weapon to a Tier 2 timer
  • Reduce quantity of tier 1s across all maps to promote utility weapon and reduce randomness in gunfights
  • Buff or replace Plasma Caster with more powerful items that promote map movement
  • Remove Barrels from most (if not all) locations. They are gimmicky kill handouts that don't require movement or positional advantage. Acceptable locations include Regret Ramparts or Eden Blue Nest.

  • Remove Storm Rifles
  • Move OS out of Pit (Turbine, Outside, etc.)
  • Consider replacing or removing Shotgun, especially if Radar remains in play
  • aPK's Strongholds idea would also be interesting

  • Remove BRs to promote Light Rifle role and improve precision gunfight consistency
  • Remove Storm Rifles to reduce snowballing strength of Tree Control

  • Unify placements by using Strongholds' layout as the Slayer layout as well. Beam Rifle makes Blue far too strong and nullifies the Wind Tunnel route entirely
  • Remove Blue Storm Rifle
  • Remove Blue DMR
  • Remove H2 BR
  • Add H5 BR to Blue Treehouse
  • Remove H5 BR from Orange
  • Replace Orange Storm Rifle with SMG
  • Hydra will have to be removed or moved because of clutter from OS. Consider moving it from Orange Yard to Next or Suppressor
  • Move Plasma Pistol Bottom Mid
  • TL;DR: Reduce Rifles, Remove Storm Rifles, fix broken Blue setup

  • I personally enjoy this map very much in its current state but I could definitely see Red in need of a buff for Slayer standoffs.
  • aPK's Stronghold ideas are also very viable.

  • Remove Storm Rifles (promote SMG as Defensive Utility)
  • Replace Plasma Caster with Rockets/SPNKr in Slayer
  • Consider moving Camo to promote fewer burns. Acceptable in current location.

  • Something needs to be done about this map, but I can't really put my finger on it. I'm personally okay with Fuel Rod but I can see the argument to change it to something like Rockets.
  • Replace Storm Rifles w/ SMGs
  • Remove Carbines for consistency purposes
  • Swapping Sniper and Rockets is an interesting prospect, and is definitely worth testing. Can't really judge how it would play but it's definitely worth looking in to purely to shake up the meta for the map.
  • Move SMG to Elbow
  • Remove BRs to promote DMR and Utility Weapon fights

The Rig
  • In my experiences both playing and spectating this map at a high level, I don't believe it's in need of many changes.
  • aPK's ideas to rotate Caster and Sniper are compelling and are worth looking in to.

  • Another good map, but could always be improved upon. In Strongholds, possibly add a stronger item in place of Shotgun to make setup breaks a bit more interesting. Slayer could also use a buff to Café side or Yard/Tram in order to break the Sniper/Cinema setup. Perhaps place Camo in Tram (the same spot it is on Overgrowth)

  • This map improved a lot since your weapon updates, good stuff. The remaining issues exist with the map design and flow itself.

  • Replace H2 BR with H5 BR
  • Replace Gravity Hammers w/ a new item
  • Open up the hole center-map to allow Bottom Mid to Top Mid traversal

A Proposal

I made a post on Beyond recently expressing my interest in removing the Tier 1 Weapon Timers. I believe the foundational goals that I laid out earlier in this post can be further enforced by having Tier 1 Weapons spawn using the Tier 2 method (respawn upon deletion). This would cause many new changes in the Halo 5 metagame and would improve Arena as a whole
  • Prevent Snowballing: Teams can no longer collect free upgrades off spawn. Currently, a full team can easily all have the better loadout of BR/Storm Rifle and can abuse this to kill spawners who spawn with the weaker Pistol/AR Combo.
  • Reinforce Player Roles: Now that only one player can hold a specific Tier 1 Weapon at a time, it would promote a role for each weapon that shouldn't be taken for granted. Snipedown would run Light Rifles for EG on Fathom, Ninja would take SMGs from the base to make aggressive pushes, or Heinz would keep one on him to support an objective run.
  • Improve Consistency: No longer are there 5 SMGs in play, devaluing the Pistol (Utility Weapon) and promoting camping or easier gameplay. Rifle users will have to focus more on their positioning and the value of their weapon, and picking up an automatic is a heavy damage dealer for a 'Tank' player, etc. Pistols are at the forefront of gunfights and niche weapons improve the metagame by offering new strategies.
Combining this new Tier 1 system with a reduced quantity of Tier 1s on each map will promote the Pistol, reduce frequency of unbalanced gametypes, enforce player roles, and more.

Side Notes:
  • Align Team Arena w/ HCS Gametypes
  • I'd also like to remind you all of my Ranking Philosophy
  • Radar removal is definitely something that should be looked in to
  • Sandbox should also be looked at in certain areas (AR Strength, Sniper ease of use, BR ease of use, etc.)
I hope you take my feedback into account and wish you all the best of luck modifying the Arena maps in Halo 5: Guardians!
Even more important (and obvious) than the awful DLC maps being removed, is the fact that the ranking system is WORTHLESS.

I have been complaining about this since Day 1, and get completely ignored. Why is it so difficult for me to face my own Division? It is beyond miserable and why myself and the few friends I have that still play this game never even consider playing any Arena anymore. It's pretty sad that you guys created a ranking/MM system that deters people from playing. And since there is no true Social (which is beyond hilarious), I'm left with nothing to play on this game.

As a Diamond 1/2, I should never SEE a Champion. I have faced full Champion squads as a Diamond random. This is insane. As a Diamond, I should not see 1600+ Onyx people. I should only face other Diamonds.

The ranking system is why I cannot even play this game because I just face high Onyx squads every time. Please reset MMR, or tighten up Divison matchmaking. It is absolutely MISERABLE in its current state. I lost all 10 of my SWAT games and still have to face full sweaty squads when I only touch this game once a week now. And what's the reward? An emblem? Lol. An emblem and all your hard work wiped away the next month. Just awful.
Take out the plasma caster and swap for a more useful weapon. I wouldn't even call it a power weapon cause no one ever uses it in comp truth or the rig unless they're trying to get assit's
Bring back ragnarok
How about we get some forge maps in arena. There are so many good maps that have been made in forge, maps that are more true to the Halo franchise's history and, therefore, play extremely well. Just a suggestion.

Still can't believe there isn't a simple map in Halo 5 Arena with two sniper riffles on it.....

Please, just stop making such ugly maps. As far as replayability or simply feeling comfortable playing a map over and over again without a boredom factor, you really need to bring your maps back up to par visually. Halo 3 for reference. More natural landscapes! More strange references to unused facts/planets in Halo lore (Guardian)! There should really have only been a few maps in Halo 5 that use that now tired human architecture which is in almost every map.

Also, Big Team Battle is experiencing a very potent malaise. New maps and possibly new modes needed BADLY.

Otherwise, incredible game.
bigger maps in general would be greatly appreciated, I get the whole fast paced action gameplay bit but we have sprint and a thruster boost so traversing a map should be a problem. look upon old maps for guidance and inspiration. Also look at what the community is doing for big team battle maps, there are some really good ones that really have that big map feel.
I like how many comments there are like, "change BTB", or "blah blah blah warzone". Try and keep it to arena like they asked us too guys. Also, please never make a map with two snipers on it. Don't touch the radar, it's fine as it is and any increase will be a step backwards. The best thing that could honestly happen is if you guys were to be more transparent with us. Let us know what sandbox changes you've been concidering before asking us questions like these. We have no idea what you all think so how can we give any decent insight? Lastly, more posts on, you know, your official website, than on Reddit please. Keep us in the loop a little more and halo 5 will see a huge growth in population and popularity.
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