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Remove radar from the Arena playlist as well as non-HCS maps/gametypes.
On torque fix the obj glitch when dropping it on pillars that rise and drop.
Red team on Eden TS needs a better way to counter sniper. Replacing the red bend BR with a DMR could help.

Move Plaza TS PP somewhere where a team being spawn trapped has a better chance to get it. Too hard to get to dip to counter OS.

Regret TS fuel rod needs to respawn less often. Too easy to get both OS and fuel. This is maybe my favorite Slayer map but it's really snowbally.

Rig SH - There should be more of an incentive to hold BR Base. Maybe move scattershot there?

Please give us a way to only play HCS gametypes. Either take the other maps out of Team Arena, give us a veto option, or a separate HCS playlist. Maybe even an opt-in checkbox on Team Arena for it. Pretty sure a lot of people would be willing to deal with longer queue times for this.

2 storm rifles on a map is too many. Treat it like PP/shotgun/scattershot.
I just feel like I cry inside anytime I have to play any of the 3 newer released maps, they are just funky, almost like hide and seek. Only time I actually like them is when I'm the lucky that 1 game out of 50 where my team just totally stomps the other. Those maps make me punch myself in the face (Seriously).
Also I feel like the power weapons and power ups spawn fast possibly. Seems a lot of the time especially on maps with snipers there's at least two of them in play at the same time at some point in the game, or by the time someone expends the rockets they already have a new set of them.
Turn Team Arena into HCS and give the Strongholds and CTF it's own playlist ranked or unranked like assault? See how the populations for them go and then if needed combine a few into team objective?
I really only go into team arena for strongholds since I play alone I don't get to have the sweaty fun of spawn camping people and having full map control, and strongholds is the only real gametype in team arena that interests me enough to go into it now since there is no oddball in H5.

(Also what the hell happen to that one map that came out at launch then vanished from every playlist? I don't even remember it's name.)
Deez wrote:
Hey everyone,
We're planning on updating all of the maps in Arena and are looking for your feedback during the process. Some possible examples of what we're thinking of doing could be: Swapping the rocket launcher and sniper rifle locations on Coliseum. Or moving the Overshield outside on Empire Strongholds. Even stronghold locations could be changed as well. Let us know what ideas and feedback you have on how the maps are currently playing and what you'd like to see changed.

I'll try to pop by and reply back to some of the feedback from time to time. Thanks.
First and foremost make Arena only HCS game types. No fun to play Rift and Overgrowth over and over again.

Second agree whole heartedly with Empire strongholds. would move the hill outside and OS either in vent (maybe by PP) or outside totally.

Put sword top mid on Truth.

I'm not sure on this one but on Strongholds plaza when 1 team is stuck in yard it's very hard to get back control, especially since nest has the railgun easily accessible. So putting a power weapon or power in yard (instead of the shotgun) would be nice.

Rig slayer, give players a reason to ever want to go outside on catwalk. Right now its too easy to just hold bunker and keep snipe and Invis.
This post has been edited by a moderator. Please refrain from making non-constructive posts.
This post has been edited by a moderator. Please refrain from making non-constructive posts.
Holy crap the hate in this thread is unreal. WTF is the problem with Overgrowth, Riptide, and Torque? I thought we liked Torque?

The moment those maps get removed from the playlist 343 will get more hate for removing them, mark my words.
Because at high level gameplay these maps fall apart
I don't like the idea of swapping the sniper and rocket on Coliseum. You are then putting the sniper up on a sniper perch.

I am also not sure about moving the OS outside on Empire. You already have the plasma caster outside. If you are going to move it at least put it in the turbine room. However, I would prefer that you leave empire the way it is. There is no good reason to change anything.

Please don't change things just to change things. Only change them if there is a good reason to. For example, the sword on overgrowth could completely dominate the map because Overgrowth is mostly a collection of hallways. Removing the sword opened up the map to multiple strategies, rather than the singular strategy of controlling the sword.

Another good example are the power weapon and OS placements on Pegasus. While the placements are okay once the game gets going, at the start it is unbalanced. Blue team starts with OS and red team starts with rocket. Some type of adjustment should be made to balance the start of the game.
Make the Arena playlist the same settings used in the HCS

And atleast try having no radar
Do not make nonconstructive posts.

Personally, I like the maps, make a Playlist with only HCS maps, and rules. Do It how treyarch did it for black ops 2. Also, since you guys will probably read this, ADD IN INFECTION GOD DAMMIT. WE ARE MISSING IT. Also a race game type would be greatly appreciated. K thanks.
Following the trend of providing top tier map feedback in this thread, here's my suggestion:

---Change radar to the "Advanced Sensors mod" where you only appear on radar when sprinting and shooting.

This thread can now carry on with suggesting map removals.
Genes wrote:

Also, maybe move the sniper into a more neutral position on Rig, that map has very unfair spawns
I think the sniper is in a relatively neutral position. Both teams can get to it at about the same time.

I don't feel like I am at a disadvantage on either spawn on the Rig. While the read team spawns with access to the high ground, the blue team gets the scattershot. I think those advantages wash each other out. You don't need exact symmetry for balance. You just need to balance the advantages that each team gets.

Where would you prefer the sniper spawn? How are the spawns unfair?
i feel like the updated maps are far more common, plus when ever i do play an original map, it is assault. i dont think assault should be in team slayer. in reach it was never voted for because of how crappy it is. but thats just my 2 cents. also i kno this is about map updates, BUT NERF THE F****** STORM RIFLE ALREADY!!!!!!
One general complaint I and many others have with the maps is how powerful and prevalent the Storm Rifle is. There are a couple of solutions:
-Remove the Storm Rifle entirely on maps that allow it to be overly abused (Empire being one of them).
-Make the Storm Rifle a Tier 2 weapon and only have one of them on any maps that have it.
-Make the battery of the Storm Rifle drain much quicker, slow its rate of fire down, or make it do less damage to health. I would suggest making the new 100% be the equivalent of what is currently 25-30%.

-I would consider moving the neutral Stronghold outside, and potentially moving the Red and Blue Strongholds on the SMG platforms. This would make it so that all three Strongholds aren't on a straight line, and are in a more triangular position.
-Address the prevalence and effectiveness of the Storm Rifles on the map
-Remove the explosive barrels that are near the SMG spawn on each side.

-Remove the Suppressor that spawns outside or move it somewhere else entirely. It spawns way too close the Rocket Launcher in Strongholds and sometimes players will accidentally grab the Suppressor instead of the Rockets.
-Consider moving the Catwalk Stronghold more towards Blue base so that players on the Snipe ledge and at Blue Bend can see and shoot into it.

-Remove the BRs or move their spawn location. Currently the BR spawn location feeds into a snowballing effect. Teams that control the map (which is achieved by controlling the Sniper side of the map) have easy access to the BR, and make it much harder for respawners to take back control of the map.
-Remove the Splinter grenades that spawn in each team's maze. This is also another reason why Sniper-side control can sometimes snowball.
-Move the SMG, potentially to the Rocket corner of each team's base. This will also help alleviate snowballing Sniper-side control and will promote more movement to that side of the map.

The Rig
-Swap the Sniper Rifle and Plasma Caster spawn locations in Slayer. Currently, the team controlling the inside of the map has an easier time securing Sniper and Camo, which just snowballs their advantage and makes games very lopsided.
-Remove the SMG that spawns Engine One. It also contributes to the snowballing control of holding the inside of the map.

Truth / Regret
-In Assault, add more active spawn zones when the other team has the bomb in your base. I would suggest one along the Carbine Wall and possibly in the basements and in front of the base on both maps. It currently is too easy to predict where a team will spawn when you are planting the bomb, because there are generally only two places they can spawn.

-In Slayer, Rockets should spawn Top Mid and OS should spawn where it does in Strongholds. Teams setting up in Top Blue are currently too hard to dislodge and the map can devolve into a stalemate.
-Remove the DMR in Top Blue to help alleviate the effectiveness of sitting in Top Blue.

-Lower the pillar in the middle of the map so that teams can jump up from Bottom Mid to Top Mid and drop from Top Mid to Bottom Mid.
-Create a bridge that extends from each team's high platform / SMG spawn to top middle. Adjusting of the pillars in front of each team's base might be required to make it work.
Wow lol, I can already tell it's going to be really hard for me to just give my feedback w/o directly addressing other peoples' posts.. But I will say this. Please god don't take any of the maps out of the roatation. The new maps are all fun and add much needed variety from the initial map set.

Things I'd love to see.

- Rotating stronghold locations. I don't mean during a single match, but rather each game you get a new set of 3. Most of the maps should retain the central base for balance reasons but new locations for the other 2 each match would keep things fresh.

- Replace some of the camo/ov shields with a speed boost on some maps in assault and ctf. I think it would make for faster paced games and add some more excitement.

- Replace the rockets on colosseum with incin cannon. It's a prom map after all. Would be a fun change without altering the balance of the map too much and it would help out some of the comm hunters. Maybe swap the sniper for the binary too.

As a side note pls leave Torque alone. I think it's a great map with a great variety of weapons that keep teams on equal footing. Every team has a fair shot at every weapon on the map, and they're unique weapons we don't get to see that often.

I'm sure I'll come up with more later. :D
Does anyone use the suppressor or can we just get rid of that with MORE STORM RIFLES
I think there needs to be an arena playlist, and an hcs playlist. hcs is only game types used in tournaments. Arena can stay as is.

-Just put 1 storm rifle on empire, maybe in turbine.
-torque should have normal br's as should riptide
-tone down how bright it gets on torque
-put snipe in a more neutral spot on eden
-I'm not sure any of the current maps work, but a future map could maybe be symmetrical and have a snipe on each side

thats all I can think of right now that I would enjoy seeing.

One general complaint I and many others have with the maps is how powerful and prevalent the Storm Rifle is.

I know I said I would try not to comment on other people's ideas, but this is bs. Almost no one considers the storm rifle op. Jesus people quit trying to turn every map into a br fest already.
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