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[Locked] Arena Refresh Feedback

OP Forum Team

Over the past few months, we’ve been gathering your feedback on Arena map weapon layouts here on Waypoint, and we’ve made a variety of refresh updates to a select set of Arena map / game type combinations in Team Arena. To start, we'd like to thank you for your feedback so far, which has helped kick off these updates.

We’re looking for your input on these adjustments,as we’ll be making updates to these maps in real-time over the next few weeks. Hop into matchmaking and let us know your thoughts on the below changes, and the multiplayer team will be kicking off new versions based on community input.

Note that only one of the below changes impacts the current Halo esports game type set (a minor location adjustment to the Basement Stronghold on The Rig), and all of the original versions of each map are available across all Custom Games.

We are looking for your feedback on newly refreshed map layouts, which can be found in matchmaking in Team Arena.

To leave your feedback, please visit the dedicated threads for each map:
See below for a detailed list of these changes:

Torque – CTF / Assault
  • Gravity Hammers removed
  • Energy Sword added to Top Mid
  • Active Camo added to Bottom Mid
  • Center Piston lowered to allow flow from Top Mid to Bottom Mid
  • Dueling Sniper Rifles placed in Red/Blue Nest
  • Halo 2 Battle Rifles moved to Bottom Mid
  • DMRs moved to the perches at Red/Blue Street
  • Filter applied to improve lighting and saturation of colors
Empire – CTF
  • Closed the front windows to Red/Blue Base to slow down CTF gameplay and fortify each base
  • SPNKr Rocket Launcher replaces the Plasma Caster at the Outside location
  • Removal of four Frag grenades and two Plasma grenades
  • Reshuffling of grenade placement
  • Battle Rifles removed
  • Storm Rifles removed and replaced with Boltshots
  • SMGs moved from Red/Blue Platform to inside Red/Blue Base
  • Removed the old DMR and placed one at each of the Red/Blue Platforms
  • Overshield moved to Tower Two
  • Plasma Pistol moved to “Mid” the small street in between “Tower” and “Pit”
Coliseum – Assault
  • Battle Rifles removed in favor of Boltshots
  • Swapped Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher weapon pads (Sniper to “Yellow Tower” / Rocket Launcher to “Green Tower”)
  • Suppressor now located at bottom of Grav Lift
  • Carbine is added to the old Suppressor location at Yellow Tower
  • Removal of four Frag grenades and overall reshuffling of grenade placement
  • SMGs moved out of Oven/Fridge locations to Bottom Red/Blue
  • Added cover at Yellow Tower
Fathom – Assault
  • Swapped the locations of Boltshot and Battle Rifle
  • Removal of SMGs
  • Removal of two Frag grenades and two Splinter grenades
  • Reshuffling of grenade placement
  • Storm Rifles moved out of Red/Blue Treehouses to on top of the Red/Blue submarines
  • Speed Boost replaces the Rail Gun at Top Mid
  • SAW weapon pad replaces the Active Camo at Bottom Mid
    • Max ammo reduced to one magazine total (no reloading)
    • Respawn time reduced from 3 min to 2 min
  • Added circular ledges around Red/Blue Vat to encourage more flow to Red/Blue Bridge
The Rig – Strongholds
  • Moved the Basement Stronghold closer to Yellow Corner to more balance out the control between the three strongholds
Thank you! We look forward to hearing your feedback.