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Arena Season Length Feedback

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Hello! The multiplayer team is looking to hear your feedback on Arena season length as we look to determine the length of future seasons.

The current season (January 2016) will end on January 31, and will have lasted 6 weeks in length. In your opinion, did this feel like an appropriate amount of time? Too short or too long?

As it pertains to placement matches, did you feel that you had enough time to place in all playlists? Did you choose to do so? How do you feel about the current number of placement matches each season?

Sound off and let us know your thoughts. Thank you!
I think 3 month seasons would be better -- one month/6 weeks makes things reset far too quickly to really appreciate any ranking you've earned.
Was the pre-season longer? That season felt like the right length, with the January 2016 season feeling too short. I like how clean cut 3-month seasons (get quarters) would be.
I think a 2 month time period is good imo, makes it long enough for you to climb but also short enough to enjoy ranking up again.
I think its fine for 6 week season, but would like 5 placement matches to get ranked. Also, this is irrelevant but would like remade maps and breakout taken out. But that is just my opinion.
I think six weeks is too short. I'm sure it's fine for people fortunate enough to place where they want, but if you don't have great qualifiers (which happens), then you might get the rank you actually want with a week to enjoy it. Might.
Length of the season is fine. Only did placement matches in 2 playlists since I mostly play solo. The number of placement matches feels fine too.
I think 6 weeks is a sweet spot. Perfect for me.

Also I think ten matches to get ranked is fine but I'd like it to be based on personal performance rather than whether your team wins or not. I'm tired of going up against pros because either I got lucky with my teams or they got lucky with theirs.
Seems too short imo. Maybe 2 months or 3 months.
No matter the season length, it would be awesome to see players' rankings from all past seasons, or at the very least their highest rank achieved and in what season. This could be included on the service record.
10 placement matches is fine by me.
season length, hm this 6 weeks felt short. That time went quickly for me. Maybe 8 weeks will do just fine. I think that more than 8 weeks will be too long.
I think the longer the season the better to appreciate your rank. 2-3 months would be nice. Also taking out Breakout maps from the team Arena playlist would be nice. I love Breakout, but just not on the arena maps.
Season length is fine i've been ranked in every playlist for a bit now. Though I wish we could all start at bronze and work our way up or something along those lines. I think everybody knows by now the rank you get after the 10 placement matches are just so weird and random
As a player who can only really get on at the weekends, 6 weeks is definitely too short. 2-3 months would be much better.

10 placement matches is fine.
I would also prefer 3month seasons. The only problem is that you can not get ranked down and this would probably end with everyone being at least diamond at the end of every season. So my suggestion would be to extend the length of seasons and also to change the ranking system so that you are able to loose your ranks.
I would prefer to see the Arena season last longer; anywhere from 4-6 months. I would wager to guess that most average players don't put in enough time to get placed in every playlist with enough time to feel like you can dig deep in the rankings.
I think the season length was too short myself. A 8 to 10 week length would be my preference, this would give some people more time to enjoy grinding up to the top. The placement matches could be reduced down to 5 matches in my opinion. It would also be nice to have a greater incentive to reach higher tiers. I imagine this could be accomplished through REQ points or Packs. I would also like to see a dedicated HCS playlist with best of 5 matches. So basically the players are locked in for that best of 5 series. Thanks for asking for the feedback and I hope this helps!
Season length seemed too short, given the number of playlists and 10 placement matches. I would like perhaps 6 placement matches and at least two months per season. I haven't even been able to get ranked in all of the playlists.
I feel that quarterly (four three-month each year) seasons is more appropriate. This gives players ample time to raise their placements in all playlists with a limited amount of time. Please keep the way placement matches go, where you can place anywhere in the 1-6 range for your division.
The length was fine IMO but I would prefer if you guys completely cleared the MMR behind the scenes. People were placing around where they were in the previous season instead of it being an actual reset. For instance, I remember watching Snipedown finish his placement matches well after the season started and he literally placed Champ 1 because that's what he was in preseason. Reset everything completely and give everyone a fair shot and a fresh start.
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