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[Locked] Assault Preview Feedback Thread

OP Forum Team

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PhoebeRoxz wrote:
Love assault and to those that say it is griffball with guns griffbal was based on assault as assault was in HCE and griffbal did not come round till H3s foundry update. Now on to assault it's self the mode works fine love it on these maps stasis empire truth and colisium. What you must do for pro league compatibility 1 make the respawn time longer to 10 seconds and think where to spawn people example truth don't spawn people pink one spawn them in the CTF spawns as assault should force the same spawn control. 2 weapons colisium assault should have sniper rockets and the shotgun instead of scattershot empire spnkr launcher no smgs shotgun and OS tower two or outside. Stasis rockets top mid camo instead of OS on bottom mid keep shotgun and hydra truth sword top mid just like midship and the truth H5 beta camo pink one and remove the fulerod. 3 don't just stop with assault give us oddball as well I would love to see oddball rig stasis colisium plaza and moltin. Then give us a king of the hill mode with a rotating hill that moves around the map. At this point in Halo 5 it needs more competitive game modes to succeed as slayer flag and strongholds are boring now after so many months of just them we need variety and we need it now!
May I use your 1st and 3rd point in my earlier post, organizing the best ideas. :) You will get a shout out. :)
Dr Atlas02 wrote:
I played assault, and I didn't really like it. There are so many problems with it. First of all, whenever the ball is dropped, people just throw it out of the map.... it's so annoying. Second of all, grenades don't work. I threw a plasma grenade at an enemy right in front of me but it didn't stick to him. Also, every time I join a game, its already started, and only a couple minutes away from ending. Basically, it needs more work.
Ball Clearing Off of the Map
Okay I get help alleviate some confusion with your gameplay... the ball thrown of the map or outside the bounds of the playing area is a viable tactic, because a team can thus set up pushes depending on the spawn of the bomb. The spawn is actually a linear one and will follow a pattern and so players can predict and set up their offensive movements accordingly.

For Example: Lets discuss Assault on Tyrant; the initial spawn of the ball is bottom mid, near the Scatter Shot spawn and Gravity Lift, now if the ball was thrown off the edge or scored by a team, it would thus spawn at Sunspot (Outside), near the Light Rifle, and if the repeat process happened again, thrown off the edge or scored by a team, it would thus spawn at Moon Deck (Inside), near the Sniper Rifle. This process can be repeated until the game ends via all 3 bombs planted or until the time runs out. Learning the order of which the bomb spawns could optimize your offensive pushes. :) Hope this helps clarify that.

So in terms of tactics, the 'burning' of the objective is a viable solution is a quickly clears your base, halts the enemies attack, allows some breathing space and down time whilst the new bomb spawns giving your team safer spawns and chances to gain map control, set up your counter pushes... so four points the tactic would assist a :)

Plasma Grenade Sticks
These tend to be difficult to stick a player if they are smart and strafe out of the way, some part of it is luck. Keep working on this though, don't be disheartened. :)

Join-In-ProgressBeing a non-ranked (social) playlist in ARENA players tend to leave the lobbies more as the competition can sometimes be unbalanced without any ranking system implemented, and so to counter this prospective problem 343 Industries allows players to join uneven matches in progress, to at least fill a team with four players. I suspect upon preview analysis and Assault finalization it would become ranked in the Team Arena playlist, so you might just have to bite the bullet for now...
The ball arms way too fast. You can be almost at the base one minute and the enemy team has scored the next.

To be fair, I'd rather have the King of the Hill gametype over Assault. I'm eager to see the Rocket Race maps for that built by the community
In my opinion, I believe the ball spawns actually correctly, because now it yields either wins or losses majority not draws. :)
Keven2135 wrote:
I've played 4 games, and every game I have played have taken around 3-5 minutes, which is to me a way to fast victory/defeat. I would like to defend the bomb before it's "explode", just like in Halo 3. The arming time is 5 seconds right now, the planting time can be 10 seconds and disarming time can be 4-6 seconds.

And the "explosion" is a bit too happy...Fireworks..And..Party sounds... I want to have a explosion, it doesn't have to be a real explosion that you can die of, it can be a holographic/digital explosion instead.

And it would be pretty cool to throw the ball/bomb as well, just like Lord AU said. But the throw length can be around the half distance of a grenade throw.
Cheers for the shout out man. :) May I also perhaps use your first point in my earlier post, I'll give you a shout out for the idea. :) Cheers.
A little disappointed. I'm glad you guys are including it but I have no better memories of halo than assault on Zanzibar (remake this map already!) with the old school assault attack and defend mode. Neutral ball to me is fine but Halo 5 as a whole is already so fast paced, let us old schoolers have some fun too. Include some attack and defend on medium sized maps. So fun. Oh and assault on ivory tower, attack and defend. It just works.
I'd say the Team Arena playlist should have as much variety as possible... :)
  • Slayer - Medium Paced Strategies (Planning Advantageous Outcomes ie Numbers, Weapons, Powerups, Map Positions)
  • Capture The Flag - Fast Paced Strategies (Planning Quick Flag Routes/Grabs)
  • Strongholds - Slow Paced Strategies (Planning Setup for Defending Strongholds)
  • Assault - Round-Based Strategies (Pre-Planning for Offensive/Defensive Pushes)
This recipe in my opinion will change Assault for the better allowing it to become a viable gametype without feeling like a copycat of CTF. :)
The worst game mode I have ever seen since I started playing video games.
Agree. You play one or two games and you've seen it all, really. You get really bored of it really quickly. And it doesn't take long enough to capture. It needs to be more challening than this. The games are too short as well. It needs a lot of tweaks to get to the final peice.
This assault game mode dosent feel like anything new I played a few games and got bored really fast it was too easy, I think it's better to bring slayer pro or arena pro with BR or Dmr start and pistol secondary that would be way better then this assault gamemode
BR or DMR start needs to come back halo is lame without it. While I'm at it halo turned to much like call of duty, and destiny like really we don't need a shoulder charge or a ground pound(Titan smash) all that's all the noobs do now is sprint till they come around a corner and shoulder charge you so you're one shot and kill you it's frustrating I believe that the assault rifle is for un skilled players also but this is why I say make a slayer pro or arena pro with BR/DMR start so competitive could have fun also and not get sprayed down by noobs and shoulder charged. The evade is nice but honestly you guys tried to hard to make this game into somthing it's not as in like all the other new games Play halo 1-3 see the complete difference from what that is and what you guys have turned it into its completely sickening I loose interest sometimes don't get me wrong I love the story's but you guys ruined multiplayer.
The concept is quite nice but I feel it's a bit easy to score. The arming time should be increased 2 seconds or a contest if there is enemies aroind
Assault is alright, but I would much rather play KOTH or Oddball then have you continue making minor tweaks to a game type I was never a huge fan of in the first place.
I like the changes 343i has made to the settings as well as the maps they are played. The only gametype disagreement I have is the use of Stasis. Stasis just feels great with ctf but not assault. I feel like Torque actually played better as you can work your team into the base, take certain vantage points in the base, and spawn the other team in the back (therefore it takes a good team to stop the bomb from arming).
Assualt was great I loved this gamemode
I've played several games of Assault now and I can confidently say that the spawning on Coliseum is just a tad too fast. That or the arm site simply is too small and requires you to sit in too vulnerable a position to arm (on top of the site). Maybe make the arm site a tad bigger so someone can sit behind the platform to arm?
Syxnrgy wrote:
jyokley wrote:
  1. Round Based: I think this little tweak could make Assault feel a lot less like CTF. Downtime between rounds would allow players to have a fair chance at planning out their route each time. Team coordination can allow players to decide with one another where they will rush/where the enemy might rush/who should get the ball first/etc. CTF can remain as a frantic dash for the flag and a return to base and in game coordination, but Assault can be about planning and coordinating before the game begins. It also leaves a better "oh sh*t" effect when your base gets blown to smithereens.
  2. Make the bomb throwable: In CTF you can hold a Magnum with the flag. It's a unique idea that really spruced up the gametype and gave it a nice CTF signature. Why not do something similar to assault by allowing bomb carriers to throw the bomb? It would add some interesting potential plays into the mix, and nothing screams "Halo Assault" more than recklessly tossing about a massive explosive payload.
  3. Bring Assault to BTB: This just seems mutually beneficial to both the playlist and the gametype. I'm aware that this isn't exactly direct feedback to the assault preview itself, but while we're making changes I think it would be a great way to spruce up BTB (maybe more community maps that involve assault could be brought in).
  4. Attack/Defend Rounds: This might not exactly work on Arena maps, but attacking and defending has been a staple of assault that has made it stand out from other game types.
  5. Assault + Breakout Maps: Breakout maps seem like the perfect fit for Assault, especially if it becomes round based. They have clear, varied routes that are perfect for planning and coordinating. Imagine players thinking to themselves about what the best route would be to surprise the enemy and get the bomb first.
As of right now, Assault is pretty fun. I'm glad the arm time was changed, though it could probably be just a tad longer. Not as long as it used to be, but a tad longer. If anything, Assault's just missing a lot of the things that made it feel different from CTF. Assault has always been one of those gametypes where when you're explaining it to a friend in layman terms, you'd likely say "it's like CTF except you arm the flag in the opponents base". In reality, it was always different because of its signature characteristics—explosions, preround strategy, and a LOT of coordination. That said, I think the list above would do a lot to bring assault back to its roots while keeping it fresh, exciting, and unique.

Oh and while we're tampering with the ball gametype, could we someday perhaps get an official Oddball and Ricochet return? ;)
I definitely agree with your attack/defend round-based points but I believe it could be implemented into Arena in the state of this:
  1. Attack (Blue) v Defense (Red) - 3 minutes
  2. Defense (Blue) v Attack (Red) - 3 minutes
  3. Attack (Blue) v Defense (Red) - 3 minutes
  4. Defense (Blue) v Attack (Red) - 3 minutes
  5. TIE BREAKER: 3-Min Nuetral Bomb
The rounds would be played out as so the Attacking team to win a round must successfully plant the bomb in the enemy detonation zone, the Defenders to win must successful hold out for the duration of the round. There would be four rounds split into 3-minute intervals allowing the game to be of 12 minutes in total, and would give teams a chance to change tactics depending on the first round run throughs... In the case of a 2-2 tie the game would go into a TIE BREAKER which would be just like Assault in it's current iteration and the first goal scored wins...
I very much like that idea. Tie breaker games would be incredibly exciting and frantic since both teams will be encouraged to give it their all and win the game. It would be a similar adrenaline rush to the one you get in breakout tie breakers without actually being breakout. That kinda feeling suits Assault as a bomb gametype in my opinion, and having a mix of attack/defend and neutral bomb brings the best of both worlds into one gametype. Perhaps in custom games players can be given the option to tweak tie breaker settings as well as attack/defend settings.
The worst game mode I have ever seen since I started playing video games.
Agree. You play one or two games and you've seen it all, really. You get really bored of it really quickly. And it doesn't take long enough to capture. It needs to be more challening than this. The games are too short as well. It needs a lot of tweaks to get to the final peice.
Like what... please tell 343 Industries how to entertain you? Don't just say it's bad or boring... give them insight and ideas. :)
Will update my post with the ideas put forward for 343 Industries to quickly find. :) It is on Page 1, Post 10 for those caring to read it. :)
I've played almost a dozen games so far, and I've had a lot of fun with this game type. I like how the ball spawn moves around the map, and the fact that you have to wait for the ball to arm adds a new dynamic to the mode too. I'm kind of iffy on adding passing to the game though. Since you have to be marked for the enemy team to see you have the bomb, it might make it too easy to get the ball across the map. But then again, if you made the passing distance kind of short it might work I guess. Overall I think its a great addition to the arena playlist.

P.S. I do miss the bomb exploding and killing everyone around it though B)
I really like objective game types. I like the playlist is great. Now add a Strongholds and CtF playlist. Keep those playlists unranked and all the game modes in Arena ranked.
It's okay. Like everything else it needs steeper penalties for intentional betrayals.
I'd like to file a bug: bomb rolled and got stuck in the wall under blue side of trench.
That aside, the smaller arm point in coliseum was a great idea and you should keep that in. All in all, the shorter arm time is leading us to much fairer matches and the respawns do seem more fair. For this playlist, it's more difficult right now to find competitive matches with sbmm not enabled. every other match seems to be a blowout with one/two players getting 30 kills and others with less than 10. Would like to see a ranked version soon!
make a permanent snipers playlist with shotty and regular.
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