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Australia matchmaking = expanded only


This one is to all Australians, just wanting to get feed back about this...

Since the update to allow for the different search criteria (Focused / balanced / Expanded), the only one that will ever work for myself personally in ARENA - is expanded.
Using expanded means that I am constantly finding American players. I can still win most of my games despite the latency, but it would be great to not have to put that extra pistol or BR round into the enemy player just to score a point. (Not literally speaking but you catch my drift).

War-zone however I can find somewhat easier. Up until it hits 8pm (Western Australia time), then again I require expanded. (Probably the lil 12vies who use their mums credit cards to buy mantis's have to go to bed for school)

I can wait well up to hours looking for Arena games with no success on focused or balanced and it will always tell me there aren't enough people in the playlist?

My networking side of things is fine, having studied in I.T networking I cant honestly see anything wrong from my side of the spectrum except that Australia's internet system is a pile of trash. -And that im not on the NBN.

I understand there aren't many players on halo 5 compared to something like call of duty where i can find games instantly.

One last pointer to add is much of the time i search solo...

I love halo 5 don't get me wrong, but id really enjoy personally if it shows the player count of the playlist you wish to search. * * For your regional server - not world wide **

Am I the only one having trouble? Any pointers? or at least any competitive Australian players wanting to play on a regular basis to perhaps help?
- Cheers!
This is an old news issue and you will find plenty of woes and few answers while you search the forums.