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Big Game Hunter needs to be optional or removed...

OP Laggzy

I have been playing Halo 5 now for quite a while and the game is incredible. The new update is one of the the best things that has happened to this game and I'm very happy about it.

I hope what I'm about to talk about doesn't seem too ridiculous, it is just something I've noticed throughout playing this game.

The "Big Game Hunter" medal in H5 is very frustrating when you are in a multi-kill sequence, a lot of times it will make the multi-kill medals and announcer trigger late and lag behind. It ultimately takes away from the intensity of the gameplay and potential video clip and can sometimes make you wonder if you even got the triple, overkill, killtac, etc...

I am just posting this here in hopes that maybe 343i will see this and hear me out.

If possible what could be nice is to either take that medal and announcement away and have it appear only in the post game carnage, or somehow ensure that when the multi kill sequence has begun, the "Big Game Hunter" medal and announcement will appear last in the sequence if that is even possible.

Anyways this is something I just wanted to share and bring up, I love Halo 5 and this is just my opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it! :)