Is there any maps/playlists where the concussion rifle is available to pickup at the start of the game. i know perdition has two in dlc but is there any others? i have to spend 5 minutes waiting for a match in dlc due to low population. it is the last weapon i need to max out....
I believe there is one under the Banshee spawn on Exile in BTB. I don't know where others are though
that is a random spawn for it.....its not there all the time....
I think they come up pretty often in Doubles since it's one of the limited Ordnance choices.
Fiesta Classic in the Action Sack playlist, and hope for the best. Had a buddy with next to no Conc. Rifle kills, and he's almost maxed within a couple weeks.

Edit : It's also an Ordnance drop in Lighting Flag, but I would suggest against it as player life expectancy is extremely low in that game type.
Lightning Flag is probably the easiest game type to get kills with it in, or Fiesta classic.
I have most of my kills with the Concussion rifle from Exile & its spawn under the banshee tunnel.
Also sorry to state the obvious but always select it when given the chance in ordnance.
I'll just wait it out until 343 puts in a Dino Blasters-like game type in Action Sack. I'm at the expert level now. So eventually I'll get there.

Same goes for the Plasma pistol. I'll wait for the paintball gametype and then grind like crazy for that one.

If the rewards for maxing out were better, I'd be more driven to grind these out. Poses are nice, but not all that important.

The only thing I'm really looking forward to by maxing the weapons is the armor. Protector Drift is pretty cool.
Team Action Sack.

Aim for Fiesta, settle for LCTF.
Do lightnint ctf in action sack and get concussion as ordnance.
Concussion Rifle in this game is inferior in power compared to Halo:REACH.
It was my favorite weapon in REACH but in this game it sucks. The blast radius is so low and the little golf ball projectiles isn't going to hit a panicking opponent.
Why 343, did you have to ruin an awesome weapon?? It was the closest thing I had to the BRUTE SHOT and now that's ruined....
Get behind your enemy's base on Simplex in Lightning Flag. Call in the Concussion Rifle then spawn kill the two ramps. Most guys don't look behind them as they run towards the flag. You can probably pull down 5-10 kills before they catch on. Do that once or twice a game and you'll come out with 10-ish kills a game.
Concussion Rifles can be found on Exile and on Vortex (sometimes).

I'm surprised 343 didn't create Dino-Blasters, but change the gametype to Spart-Blasters with Concussion Rifles and Jetpacks.
Dino blasters only works with Dinos ;) I thought Rocket And Rails was a great evolution.

My advice: Requisition + Ammo perks to maximize your opportunities.