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Dear @343Industries
Y’all are insanely lucky you guys do not have a direct line or a customer service #, because you’re online maintenance is beyond garbage, I’m running Ranked Team Slayer and I’ve won like 9 games in a row fair and square, even teams, and only go up 1 CSR point each time. The rare matches I do lose, ive been dropping 30. I don’t want an explanation, I don’t want an apology, GIVE ME MY HARD EARNED -Yoink- CSR, *issue started occurring today
Well even though you don't want to know why, I'm going to tell you. Your KPM is kind of low against better opponents. When the opponents get tougher, the teammates you are running with tend to get more kills. Boosting your KPM will increase your MMR, then each win will make your CSR rise faster to catch your MMR.
If you're only getting 1 CSR in fair matches, that means you're getting the kills the system expected you to get so it thinks you're in the correct rank placement. To get more CSR, you have to get more kills per minute than it expects so it thinks you're below your proper rank.
If you have any concerns about some of the matches you have been having lately, feel free to leave any constructive comments in the pinned matchmaking feedback thread. Linking up to specific games is beneficial as Dr. Menke can look into them for you and explain what was happening at that time.