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OP MM Systems Team

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Ever since radar was disabled, lockdown has become camo campers paradise. I'm not saying they should change it back to have radar, but it would be better to make it pro instead, with the slayer pro loadouts. That way there's no armor abilities. :)
In my opinion, the removal of radar from lockdown has resulted in what is easily the most mind-numbingly terrible game mode to play. Why? It's simple really: camo campers. It is an incredibly rampant problem in the game type. Camo campers are close to impossible to counter without the tell-tale radar distortion. I realize that the removal of radar was done to make lockdown a bit more difficult to defend the base, but it simply doesn't work with custom loadouts granting people instant invisibility. It is a shame too as, now that 343 has reduced the number of power weapons that are present, dominion is one of my favorite playlists. Is there any chance that 343 could revert to having radar available to players? Or as Danny said, have fixed loadouts like Slayer Pro?
Where would you camo-camp in Lockdown? lol at B point, where you have tons of nades flying at you. Camoflage does not save you from frags :)

Also, I've always used promethean vision in Lockdown, you can see camo faintly, and its even stronger AA since we have no radar.

P.S. I am not FOR radar in lockdown, but I am not against preset loadouts

EDIT: I just encountered camo campers xD They dont camp the objective, they sort of sit at awkward places to cut off spawners trying to get to B. I agree, it is annoying now that I've met them!
I don't really like Lockdown. Old school dominion is a lot more fun!
I love how this playlist is just dominion game types along with how the other playlist are just ctf or just btb or Koth ,
But I never get to play dlc maps outcast is a really fun dominion map along with the other dlc maps.
Also exile is played way to much, and lock down is fun but it needs to show up less frequently .
And last but not least don't add and pro style game types I like using my load outs and the advantages and disadvantages makes the game so much better, and please don't add any forge maps.
I feel that the Lockdown playlist is not what Dominion is about in terms of teamwork and gameplay.
Lockdown has you shoot whoever you see all in a small area. I believe this is not the desired gameplay for Dominion gametype. Dominion requires teamwork and vehicle usage (Vehicles!) over the whole map, not just on one base. Dominion is by far my favorite gametype in all the Halo gametypes and I suggest Lockdown be removed from game rotation. Thanks for reading.
Finally got a chance to play Lockdown with the new settings, and I don't really like them. I prefer to have the shield doors in, but can live without them. However, the lack of radar has really ruined what has been my favorite gametype in H4. It doesn't necessarily make attacking any easier, because you still have limited points of ingress, but it makes defending unnecessarily difficult. It has become a grenade spamming exercise in random gameplay, all set to Charlie Chaplin music.

Finally played a DLC map in Dominion, Outcast. That was awesome. Make it happen more, please.
The gametype lockdown on the map longbow. I feel the location of the capture point should take longer to capture and possibly change between the three dominion locations A,B and C after a certain amount of time.

I've won and lost games and things became pretty dull after just doing either offensive and defensive in just one location.

That is all. Thanks for reading.
lockdown sucks everybody always goes to it and theres no radars in it anymore take out lockdown
Meltdown - Dominion should have maybe another Power Weapon - Perhaps a Sniper Rifle above the Teleporters just like CTF. It would definitely change the style of gameplay since right now it's just a Fuel Rod and occasionally a Spartan Laser which are ultimately only good for the Gauss or Mantis. (Although the Fuel Rod could easily kill a Spartan on direct impact)
Yes Lockdown with no rader is terrible, you got players using Camo, Promethean Vision, camping with Stealth..its very vexing,you get assassinated and died alot and they spawn every where, all of the sudden they spawn near you..and most of the deaths are getting naded or getting stuck! i miss just only the Dominion gametype, hopefully you guys bring that back if cant just bring the lockdown radar back... it was fine how it was...whoever told you guys to put no radar, that was a bad idea -_-
Okay so I really like the lockdown gametype because it leads to some heated battles. I think it could use a bit of diversity though. Always having to take over Bravo gets really stale. It would freshen things up if the base that you had to control was randomized at game start.

New Dominion Gametype: Fortify

That's just a placeholder name. More or less this mode would work like Crazy King. It essentially combines Lockdown with normal dominion. You start with one base, capture it, and fortify it. Once the base is fortified you get your points and the base changes. This would make for fun times when you go from one base to another trying to keep the upper hand. Not only that, but it would be more balanced as you couldn't just camp out the same spot for an entire match. Players would have to be ready to relocate as soon as the base is scored. This gametype would be best with no heavy vehicles.

I would recommend that the Mongoose and Warthog with Chainguns as the only vehicle types. The reason for these is because they aren't anything that can dominate a match or be considered game changers. It would also allow for the 6 v 6 game type to work perfectly with 5 people in a vehicle and maybe 1 person who stays back or travels on foot. (usually the sniper)

Scoring- 20 points per base
Score Limit- 100
Time to score- 5 seconds to capture base, 55 seconds to score afterwards.
Time to steal base- 5 seconds, 55 to score afterwards
Time limit 15- minutes.

Maybe leave feedback on how this gametype could be better? I really enjoy playing Halo 4 but I think it needs more to do, and the offered games have much room for modification.
very good idea, not just one base but this is like crazy hill but Dominion version...i like it :) (with radars though)
I don't know anybody who likes Lockdown. Hopefully it's out or soon to be. Or fix it like the guy above is suggesting very intelligently.

I only have two "request":

1- I think lockdown is choosen too often, making me unavailable to enjoy the current Dominion mode.

2- I think the power weapons should appear more often, as right now there is just no reward for you if you decide to stay on that base. I will like to see this kind of weapons to appear more often, but not too much so its not a power weapon party.

Thank you,

Zubi Fett
This playlist should be merged with the "Big Team Skirmish" playlist as the population tends to dwindle in the 100-500 range, and would offer a significant variety in the current experience.

As for the maps currently available for Dominion, I think Complex would be good to play on as it has several base-like structures.
I agree wholeheartedly with Vicks007kid.
Also, forge maps.
I believe that dominion should remain in its own playlist. The proper player count for Dominion is 6v6, putting it in btb skirmish would force that to 8v8. This playlist NEEDS forge maps :). Also its not possible to put dominion on complex. :(
I'm sorry, but I have to vent. I hate lockdown. If you love it, great. But it's essentially not the same game as Dominion. It's a mosh pit, king of the hill type game that frankly, doesn't appeal to me. I understand that there are players who just want to run at each other and that's fine. But I'm tired of waiting forever to play Dominion, with multiple bases, goodies for holding them, and last stands, etc... to get stuck playing something I don't enjoy at all.

I don't know what it would take, but the ability to selectively search for only normal Dominion games would be nice. Because otherwise, I'm just going to stop with that playlist all together.
I haven't played Dominion since I earned the victory commendation, but I would welcome this in Big Team Skirmish. It's a great game type and a brilliant addition to the Halo MM Mix. Anything to break up the monotony of "all CTF all the time."
We know removing playlists might sometimes be painful, but it is a necessary part of sustaining a game and its multiplayer community, and we do it knowing the positive impact it will have on your online experience.
I'm... I'm going to trust you guys on this one... Because finding out that one of my most favorite and most frequently visited playlist is getting removed, and the next time I'll be able to play it is in a month and a half after it gets removed... I'm just going to say that I'm going to trust you guys on this one...

Don't know how my friends will feel about this, since we all do play this playlist very frequently...

Can we merge Dominion into BTB? I don't know how I feel about 8v8 Dominion, but it'll be way better than having to wait nearly two months to play one of most favorite playlists again and then only for two weeks.
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