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We understand that our players are passionate – we are too! – and this can sometimes lead to heated feedback. In general this is OK, we want your constructive feedback, even if it is critical.

But let me give some advice. If you want to affect change, channel and temper that passion into well-thought-out, constructive forum posts, and avoid negativity and personal attacks. Not because you’re hurting our feelings – you have to be thick-skinned to be a game developer – but because if you do that, we just won’t have time to read your feedback. You're competing with players that are willing to cool off, take a breath, and write a well-thought out post, rather than taking to twitter and raging against a random developer. Use that same competitive spirit you put into your gaming and apply it to competing with good feedback.

We want to hear you for sure, so this is some advice to get your best feedback to us. We’ll look forward to it!