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Forever to find matches

OP xChuaZ

Hey guys.

So recently it has been impossible to find matches in social and in warzone. I don't know if they changed the matching algorithm or if my internet is slow. However, my friends in the same area and across the country are reporting the same problems. Anyone else experiencing this?
I noticed this the other day playing. I wonder if the population has dropped since there are newer games available to play.
It's been a royal pain for me. Even my older bro is getting impatient...
It's a combination of the new games out and the 12 man experiment 343 is doing. They discuss all the details in their latest community update. They tweaked the matching requirements so that it's fair but not many are having luck finding games. Personally I'd prefer them to add back Warlords and take off Mythic Firefight so that the sweats have a haven and I can get a game but that's just me.
Ye i think 343 is trying to balance out the ranking by matching you with "people your rank" but its taking way to long. It was definitely better off before.
Dr Menke addressed this in his latest posts.

I was waiting literally 2 hours and 17 minutes just for one slayer match. My WiFi is great and they need to fix that.
Playing solo. All lists taking forever to find a match. So either nobody is playing or something is busted. Hard reset xbox and no improvement.
Seems to be a solo issue. Fireteams takes a bit of time still, but searching solo wont find a single player whatsoever, even in BTB.
I could find games in BTB, but the search time usually took around 4 minutes. I had to use balanced instead focused.
Can't get a game in WZ at all today... Expanded, tried 5 times. Get timed out by the server.
Yep its definitely been slower today. I was confused if the game just died all of the sudden. I did go on like a 5 game hcs fall winning spree searching solo so i guess they did make it so you get closer matches