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[Locked] Halo 5: Action Sack Permanent Playlist [POLL]

OP GG Panda GG


Option A: Action Sack (Permanent) - removal of rotating Ranked Playlist*

Option B: Leave Ranked Arena & Social Arena as it is - Action Sack remains a rotating Social Playlist*

Regarding the current climate of Halo 5 multiplayer, I feel that a majority of the social games are too competitive; despite being social playlists.

Due to the current selection of playlists, new players are not able to step into matchmaking without coming across highly skilled players, as well current players not having a way to wind down from the fast paced gameplay.

The current options for winding down in Matchmaking are:
  • Warzone: Firefight
  • Infection
  • & the Customs Browser
Another option that would be ideal, is the inclusion of the Action Sack Playlist. This playlist includes Red vs Blue gametypes, which are casual and not competitive, as well as mini games which are fun for new and current players.

With the amendment made - refer to Option A - this addition would not reduce the population of other playlists drastically, and it would promote a balanced social & competitive environment for the Social Arena.

In order for us to carry on enjoying Halo 5 - plus maintain enough moral to attain 152 - until the release Halo Infinite, we must create a change that would benefit the community. If players are no longer enjoying Halo 5 & finding it too competitive, stale or no incentive to keep playing, then the population will eventually decrease.

Let me know which option you voted for and why, as I would like to hear how you feel about the Social Arena.
Let's not cross post please and thank you. :)